Raleigh Company Ready To Pay $2000 To Homeowners If They Let It Release 100 Cockroaches

The PestInformer in Raleigh, North Carolina, is “willing to pay homeowners $2,000” for the 30-day study and wants to release the cockroaches in five to seven homes across the U.S.

A pest control company in North Carolina is offering to pay people $2,000 to let them put about 100 cockroaches in their homes so they can study how to treat them.

In a notice, ThePestInformer in Raleigh said, “As technology changes, we’re always looking for the newest and best ways to get rid of pests, especially cockroaches.”

The company also said that it wanted to “test out a specific pest control technique” by putting about 100 American cockroaches in five to seven homes. The notice says that it wants to “figure out how well this treatment works.”

Raleigh company ready to pay $2000 to homeowners
Raleigh company ready to pay $2000 to homeowners

The founder of ThePestInformer, David Floyd, told NBC News on Monday afternoon that the company had received more than 2,200 applications for the offer.

The page for applications will be open until July 31. After that, employees will “spend some time going through all the applications.”

The company said that anyone who wanted to join the study had to own the home or have written permission from the owner. They also couldn’t use any other cockroach treatments during the study.

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Floyd said that the company has sent cockroaches to the homes of friends and family in the past to test new ways to get rid of pests.

He also said that he wants to try about 10 new treatments. “These are more do-it-yourself treatments that use materials and ingredients that anyone can buy and that are safe for family and pets,” he said.

The experiment will last about a month, and if the cockroaches are still there after that, the company said it will “use traditional cockroach treatment options at no cost to you.”

Raleigh company ready to pay $2000 to homeowners
Raleigh company ready to pay $2000 to homeowners

The method that ThePestInformer is testing is not clear.

Western Exterminator Co. says that American cockroaches are one of the five most common types of cockroaches in the U.S., which has 55 types of insects. Around the world, there are more than 4,000 different kinds of cockroaches.

Pestech Pest Solutions says that after a female American cockroach mate, she will lay eggs for 10 months straight. Each month, she will lay about 16 eggs.

Exterminators usually kill cockroaches with gel bait that has insecticides in it.

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