Toby Keith Net Worth (Updated 2022), Biography, Age, Height, Family And Much More

Toby Keith is a popular American singer and over the years he has not only been a singer but even more. Toby Keith net worth is definitely a piece of interesting information for many as apart from being a singer, Toby Keith is also a songwriter, record producer, and actor.

One can call him to be among the most successful country musicians in the world in the last few decades. He is an extremely successful entrepreneur as well and all of these have contributed to Toby Keith net worth of $365 million.

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Toby Keith Early Career

Born on July 8, 1961, in Clinton, Oklahoma, Toby Keith’s full name is Toby Keith Covel. His parents are Carolyn and Hubert Covel and Toby is one of the three children the couple has. His life in the world of music started very early when he was to visit his grandmother in the summers.

Toby’s grandmother used to own a Supper Club in Fort Smith, Arkansas and that is where he got fascinated with music from the musicians who used to play the club. 

What we see today is the massive Toby Keith net worth but a lot of people don’t know that Toby has been a hustler since his childhood. He got his first guitar at the age of 8. In fact, he stayed around the club doing odd jobs till he could finally get up on stage and perform with the house band of the Supper Club.

He also played football on the Moore High School football team on the defensive end. But soon after completing school, he went on to work in the oil fields as a derrick. Toby Keith net worth is huge but from the role of Derrick, he had to work his way up to becoming an operations manager.

Keith formed the Easy Mony Band with his friends when he was 20 years old. Alongside the band, he continued his daily job in the oil fields till he was laid off in the year 1982 when the oil industry was suffering. The band used to perform in local bars and after a few years, the band got some regional success as they went on to play in Texas and Oklahoma

Toby Keith Music Career

When Toby went to Nashville in the 1990s, he jumped onto the infamous Music Row and gave out copies of his demo tapes to the record companies. Though it didn’t yield any results, it was around this time he promised himself a recording contract by the time he is 30 years old or he will leave music.

Then in the most fashionable manner, a flight attendant handed over the Easy Mony Band demo tape to Mercury Records who then went on to sign a record contract. He was with Mercury Records till 1998 and released four albums with them before signing with DreamWorks Records in 1998.

He released his breakthrough single “How Do You Like Me Now?!” around the end of 1999. This single which later was turned into an album was the number one country song. He did several other chart-toppers with DreamWorks, a big reason behind the Toby Keith net worth.

The massive Toby Keith net worth is from the 19 studio albums, five compilation albums, and told worldwide sales of over 40 million albums. In 2002, he released the album “Unleased” which sold over 3 million copies.

Toby Keith’s Appearance

The star is now 60-years old and he is 6ft 3-inches tall. He also weighs 95-kgs and currently, Toby is suffering from stomach cancer.  Moreover, he has a fair complexion and brownish golden curly hair.  He has also shared a post regarding his cancer.


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Toby Keith Lovelife

Toby got married to Tricia Lucus on March 24, 1984, and the couple has three children together. They are together supporting each other since 1981. Moreover, in the 1980s they met in a bar where TOBY used to play music with his band. 

Toby Keith Love life
Toby Keith Love life

What Else Contributed To Toby Keith Net worth?

Apart from music, Toby Keith net worth also comes from his entrepreneurial career. His 10% stake investment of $400,000 paid off big time and to date every time Big Machine pay their artist, Toby also gets paid. All these keep adding up to the big Toby Keith net worth.

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He went on to have a Toby Keith-themed restaurant and started off with a Mezcal brand. In 2011 he launched Wild Shot which became the number one premium Mezcal in the US. Toby Keith net worth is at a staggering $365 million dollars and his liquor business alone earns him $60-100 million dollars each year.

Toby Keith net worth started with his $20,000 for his first record contract and he has worked his way up to what we see today.

To sum up, the family is going through the toughest time, but still standing strong together in the tough situation. Being one of the most famous American singers Toby Keith net worth is definitely at its peak. This was the whole information about his Net worth. Stay tuned for future updates as well as real and informative content, you can also visit for more such content.

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