Nvidia RTX 40 Series Delay, New Release Date And More!

The Nvidia RTX 40 series has again got delayed and there has been no new information about its release date. The change in launch date rumors of the series has been circulating this weekend. Let us be clear, Nvidia has not officially announced this news, and it did never confirm a release date. It was all an anticipation regarding the series and now, rumors suggest that there will be a delay.

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Why is the Nvidia RTX 40 Series Delayed?

The Nvidia RTX 40 series is believed to be based on Ada Lovelace. Videocardz, a popular tech site initially stated that the GTX 1630 will be launching on 15th June 2022. But recently, Nvidia has changed the date and mentioned “to be determined” which automatically pushes the release. Unless the previous series is complete, it is going to affect the business if they suddenly plan on releasing Nvidia RTX 40 series. 

As heard, the primary problem is with the inventory. Previously, Nvidia claimed that the company’s inventory was back to normal but it isn’t true. Pandemic has disrupted the market, its supply and demand chain curve, and a lot more. It is heard that Nvidia is again struggling with the supply chain issues that are resulting in the delay over the period.

Currently, Nvidia is trying hard to get sources that can help the company with sourcing its components. As a matter of fact, the GTX 1630 cards have already been manufactured in bulk and each piece is validated. The team has even completed the packaging work along with the associated design task. The models are signed off and the only issue to resolve is the supply chain problems.

Since the old release dates are no longer valid, it is reported that there is a one-month delay in the release of all three models. The Nvidia RTX 40 series will consist of the next-gen models that the gamers were eagerly waiting for. 

When Will the RTX 40 Series of Nvidia Be Released?

Though the new release date for Nvidia RTX 40 series has been out you cannot consider it to be the final list. The gamers have been wanting to test and try this game for months now but it seems like Nvidia is releasing the high demand.

As of now, the Nvidia RTX 40 series is planning to launch three different cards in the market. These are RTX 4090, RTX 4080, and finally, RTX 4070. After the delays were confirmed, the new release dates of the series were given out. But still, the exact dates have remained mysterious. Back to the dates, RTX 4090 is slated to launch in September 2022, RTX 4080 will be coming in October and finally, in November, RTX 4070 will be released. A lot of commotion is happening but the dates are tentative. If the supply chain issues are not fixed, then the Nvidia RTX 40 series can be delayed more.

Nvidia RTX 40 Series
Nvidia RTX 40 Series

Nvidia just canceled that official launch of its hyped GTX 1630 which was one of its biggest releases. Canceling the release just days before its final launch indicates that the situation is volatile or else the company wouldn’t have done so. In case, if the fans hear that the series is postponed for an early 2023 release, it wouldn’t be that surprising. But there can be issues of price surge as well that can affect the purchasing behavior of the customers. Some are even wondering if it would be wise to buy that after getting multiple delays.

There will be a lot of questions regarding the same but only time can tell what Nvidia is planning. So, let’s have patience and wait until more information is released. Stay tuned for future updates. Hope the content was informative for you . you can visit Leedaily.com for more such content. 

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