‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast, Where Are They Now?

Even though it has been years since the show ended, the Sons of Anarchy cast will forever remain unforgettable. The story is about Jax Teller and his Motorcycle Club, it made fans want for more. The show debuted in 2008 and ended in 2014. But one thing that the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ cast has always reminded us of is that loyalty, power of family and redemption are constant in one’s life. There is also a spinoff show of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ named ‘Mayans M.C.’. But even if there are hundreds of spin-offs in the future, dedicated fans couldn’t stop keeping up with the Sons of Anarchy cast and how they are doing currently. So, what are the Sons of Anarchy cast doing today?

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast and Character

Ryan Hurst Playing Opie Winston

One of the most admired characters of the Sons of Anarchy cast, Ryan Hurst nailed the role of Opie Winston. The stud was so gentle that it was hard to dislike him for any reason. But do not get fooled as he can be as tough as possible to protect his friends and family. He exited the series in 2012 after his character, Opie Winston sacrificed his life to save his friend. It might have been a sad ending but that was what his character needed.

After leaving the Sons of Anarchy cast, he has been a part of many high-profile projects. He was in The Walking Dead, ‘Bates Motel’, ‘King & Maxwell’, ‘Bosch’, and even has a new series waiting for release, ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society. The star even owns a production company named Fast shoes production along with his wife, Molly Cookson.

Tommy Flanagan Played Filip “Chibs” Telford

The cast is incomplete with Chibs. He was the backbone of the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and Tommy Flanagan has nailed that role. The character might have been violent and aggressive but he always looked at the welfare of his beloved club.  On wrapping up from the Sons of Anarchy cast, he got unlimited projects and some of the prominent ones are ‘Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2’, ‘Motive’, ‘Redliners’, and more.

Charlie Hunnam Was Jackson “Jax” Teller

Jax was on the ultimate journey to discover himself, his purpose that was also filled with salvation. Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax was the odd one out in the Sons of Anarchy cast since he is a British actor. But that didn’t stop him from winning the hearts of audiences. Currently, he is one of the most established stars in the Hollywood industry by getting cast in films such as ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’, ‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Crimson Park’ and so many other films.

Kim Coates As Alex “Tig” Trager

The vice-president of SAMCRO proved that there are bonds that are more than blood relationships. He was an honorable inclusion in the Sons of Anarchy cast list and as the show ended, Kim Coates was seen playing some legendary characters. The Canadian-born star has many stage appearances and did some other legendary roles such as Stanley Kowalski for ‘A Streetcar Named Desire. He was also in ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Godless’ and so many other films.

Mark Boone Junior for Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson

Your favorite Mark Boone Junior got fame after being in the cast as Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson. He then signed several roles in movies and television like ‘The Birth of a Nation, ‘Patriot’, ‘The Last Man on Earth, etc.

Dayton Callie Was Wayne Unser

A police officer in the cast is a shark staying amidst flesh and meat. But surprisingly, he was a supporter of SAMRCO and Dayton Callie just shined after that. This Scottish-norm actor was then seen mostly in supporting or guest roles.

David Labrava As Happy Lowman

Though named Happy, he loved to kill. He loves to torture human beings and was “one of SAMCRO’s chief murderers”. Actor Davide Labrava sadly didn’t get many high-profile projects after leaving the Sons of Anarchy cast. He even tried writing and directing.

Theo Rossi Played Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz

Juice might be a technical genius but he cannot figure out the real-life incidents. But Theo Rossi who played Juice saw his career taking off after this. He was in ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Cloverfield’, ‘Kill Theory’ and several other projects.

Jimmy Smits As Nero Padilla


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He was a pimp in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ but his acting career offered him much more respect. Jimmy was a major part of the Sons of Anarchy cast for the last two seasons. But then he was in shows like ’24: Legacy’, ‘How to Get Away with Murder, ‘The Get Down’, and other high-profile series.

William Lucky As Piermont “Piney” Winston

Piney was in the Sons of Anarchy cast for the first four seasons. And after this hit series, he got many other breakthrough roles in series like ‘Murder in the First, ‘Switch at Birth’, and more.

Ron Perlman Portrayed Clay Morrow

Clay married Gemma and became the stepfather to Jax. However, he was a ‘deeply conflicted man’. Ron Perlman is extremely talented and he never had short of projects. He was a part of films and series like ‘The Blacklist’, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and so many more.

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 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast, The Women

Women had to empower roles in the cast. Some prominent figures are Katey Sagal was the Teller family matriarch Gemma Tella Morrow, Maggie Siff played physician Tara Knowles and Drea de Matteo portray Wendy Case, Jax’s wife. All these ladies completed the cast and currently, they are individually very successful in their careers.

‘Sons of Anarchy' Cast, The Women
‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast, The Women 

There are many other characters who are in the Sons of Anarchy cast but we have only discussed the major ones. So, know all about their latest updates and miss no information. Stay tuned for future updates, you can also visit leedaily.com for more informative content.

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