Jeff Hardy Net Worth (Updated 2022): How Much Are The Hardy Brothers Worth?

Jeffrey Nero Hardy or simply Jeff Hardy is among the most popular wrestlers. He is an All Elite Wrestling wrestler and vocalist (AEW). Jeff has made his mark over the years in the ring with WWE, TNA, and Ring of Honor alongside many different wrestling organizations. Jeff Hardy’s net worth information is definitely what many fans of WWE have always wanted to know as Jeff has been actively part of Wrestling for a long period of time. He was among the best and according to British radio station Talksport, Hardy is “widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.” 

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Jeff Hardy’s Early life

Born in Cameroon in North Carolina on 31st August 1997, Jeff has been passionate about wrestling since an early age. Both Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy loved wrestling as a hobby and wanted to be a part of pro wrestling. They even had to lie on their application out of their desperation to join pro wrestling. At the time of filling up the form, they were 16 and 17-year-olds but they lied in the application and claimed to be above 18. The duo started as a jobber in WWE and that is when their journey in the world of wrestling began.

From just a jobber who is paid to lose money to well-known people, they have come a long way to achieve the Jeff Hardy net worth we see today. Although they started out as a jobber, both Jeff and Matt started making a name and reputation for themselves, slowly and steadily.

Jeff is the son of Gilbert Moore Hardy and Ruby Moore Hardy and Jeff’s most important person and friend has always been his older brother Matt Hardy. Jeff lost his mother at the age of 9 due to brain cancer.

We see a huge Jeff Hardy net worth today but his father was working on a tobacco farm to support their childhood. 

Jeff did his schooling at Union Pines High School and he was a full backer and linebacker on the school football team while he was in high school. He began his football career at the age of 13.

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Jeff Hardy’s Career, and Championships

Over the years they have proved their excellence time and again and the Jeff Hardy net worth we see today has been an outcome of all the good shows The Hardy Boyz have put up. They were considered among the best in the world and wrestling history.

He attributes his early wrestling days to his idols, Sting, The Ultimate Warrior, and Shawn Michaels. He started as a jobber and on the 23rd of May, 1994, he wrestled against Razor Ramon under the alias Keith Davis, his WWF debut. This kicked Jeff Hardy’s net worth to a good start. From there he became a member of TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) and he was a part of the TNA from 2000 until 2017. 


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In 2017 itself, he made his way back into the Ring of Honor. Jeff Hardy net worth can be credited much to all the incredible feats he has earned in wrestling. He is a six-time world champion and also won the WWE Championship once, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, and the TNA World Heavy Championship three times. 

Jeff Hardy is also a four-time Intercontinental Champion and Light Heavyweight European Championships. He is a three-time Hard-core champion too and over the years he has won numerous championships in WWE and TNA. Of course, Jeff Hardy’s net worth increased massively.

Jeff Hardy’s Age, Height, and Weight

The 44 years old WWE star weighs a huge 102 kgs and he has a height of 185 cm.

Jeff Hardy Personal Life

Jeff Hardy net worth may be impressive today, but when he started dating, he was just launching his career. Jeff fell in love with his wife Beth Britt back in 1999. The couple met at a happening club located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. After dating each other for 12 years, they got married on 9th March 2011. The couple welcomed two daughters. On 19th October 2010, Ruby Claire Hardy was born and on 31st December 2015, they welcomed Nera Quinn Hardy.

Jeff Hardy family
Jeff Hardy family

Jeff Hardy Net Worth & Salary

Jeffrey Hardy net worth currently is approximately $12 million and he earned a paycheck of $2 million as a pro-wrestler. It was not alone Jeff Hardy who has won the hearts and confidence of many over the years. The huge Jeff Hardy net worth we see today is also because of his brother and partner Matt Hardy. Together, the world of wrestling knew them as The Hardy Boyz. And the cumulative net worth of The Hardy Boyz is approximately over $20 million. 

This was the whole information about Jeff Hardy net worth. Hope you found it informative, stay tuned for future updates. You can also visit for more such content.

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