Patrick Schwarzenegger Secret Role in the Boys Spin-Off

Patrick Schwarzenegger Secret role in a project is revealed a bit during his recent interview with Variety. Ready for the reveal? Patrick Schwarzenegger Secret role will be seen in “The Boys” spin-off. We know it’s crazy, but it is happening. While sitting down to chat with Variety to talk about his new series, “The Staircase”, the sudden revelation came as an extra treat for the fans. In fact, Patrick Schwarzenegger even talked about how his terminator father, Arnold Schwarzenegger found out about the role and what his reaction was.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Shared Secrets About How His Dad Reacted To “The Boys”

Patrick Schwarzenegger is legally not allowed to disclose much about  Patrick Schwarzenegger secret role, “The Boys”. To give a sneak peek about the show, he said, “This set is really fun, and there’s just a loosey-goosey comedy,” “It’s kind of like Euphoria meets superheroes, I guess.”

Undoubtedly, he did make a spot-on comparison of the R-rated series and it couldn’t have been more true. 

He also disclosed his famous dad’s reaction when he showed some of the photos from the set. Arnold Schwarzenegger immediate reaction was, “What the f**k are you filming?”. 

Patrick Schwarzenegger

To that Patrick Schwarzenegger replied, It’s this show called The Boys.” “You have to watch an episode to understand it, or else I can’t articulate what happens in it.”

Though it is a spin-off, it is definitely going to have the authenticity that was there in the original series.

How Did Patrick Schwarzenegger Get His Role In “The Boys”?

Originally, Patrick Schwarzenegger auditioned for a role in Homelander. But sadly, that didn’t go well and he didn’t get the part. If you are wondering which role did Patrick Schwarzenegger try to bag, well, it was that of the one played by Anthony Starr.

But years later when the spin-off was in the initial stage of being made, the producers did recall the audition of Patrick Schwarzenegger and he was called to play for the series for Patick Schwarzenegger secret role. So, next time is always lucky.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is currently promoting “The Staircase” in Toronto and his father is also in the same city for his own project.

He mentioned how the cast remains secretive about the plot until the shoot actually happens. And we think that’s for the best so that no spoilers come out maybe. He added, “I honestly didn’t know anything,” “I can say that because it’s true. It’s not like I chose not to read something. They are so secretive about what the heck happens in this show.”

But then he further commented, I was like ‘OK, it’s The Boys, I know it’s going to be something crazy … and then when I started reading [the scripts] on set I was likeOh boy… this will be fun and interesting.

The project is finalized as the executive producer of the show, Eric Kripke said that this is definitely amongst the most realistic college series that the world has ever seen. In fact, it does have similarities with “The Hunger Games”.

What is the Role of Patrick Schwarzenegger in the Series?

Patrick Schwarzenegger didn’t speak anything regarding his character and role in the series as it is Patrick Schwarzenegger secret role . But on checking the IMDb ratings, it is noticed that Schwarzenegger will be playing the role of Golden Boy in his upcoming project.

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To describe the plot of the show, it is rumored that “The Boys” will be a spoof of the popular X-Men and the characters in this series will be G-Men. Certain unofficial set photos show the University of Toronto and we think that it will serve as the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. Now, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Golden Boy character is certainly big and popular on the campus.

Very few details are known about the new spin-off but whatever news we have gathered, it is definitely going to be big. So, how many of you are excited to see Patrick Schwarzenegger Secret role in the upcoming series? 

This was all for Patrick Schwarzenegger secret role. Stay tuned for further updates, We hope you found our content informative. You can also visit for more such content.

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