WWE CEO Vince McMahon Paid 23 Cr to Female Employee to Not Speak Anything About Their Affair, as Per Report

After a secret 23 crore payment between Vince McMahon and a former female employee over an affair, the board of WWE is looking into allegations against the CEO. McMohan’s former employee signed an agreement with the WWE CEO after which she agreed to keep quiet about their relationship, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

To put it another way, MacMohan paid the former employee to keep their relationship a secret. An investigation has also revealed that McMohan hired the employee at $100,000 and subsequently provided a 100% raise after their alleged sexual relationship began.

An inquiry by the Board of Directors that began in April of this year has uncovered other prior nondisclosure agreements in connection with allegations of misbehavior against WWE executives John Laurinaitis and McMohan made by former female workers.

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In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, an official from WWE confirmed that the company is cooperating with the board investigation. There was no sexual interaction between McMohan and his former employee, according to the company representative. Furthermore, the person claimed that the corporation is taking the complaints seriously and is handling them accordingly, according to the source.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon Paid 23 Cr to Female Employee to Not Speak Anything About Their Affair
WWE CEO Vince McMahon Paid 23 Cr to Female Employee to Not Speak Anything About Their Affair

Indians are huge WWE fans, and Vince McMohan is no stranger to them as he has appeared in the ring on numerous occasions over the years. He had purchased the WWF from his father, Vincent J. McMahon, back in 1982. After that, he made it into a global wrestling and media empire. Some of WWE’s most well-known incons, like The Rock and Stone Cold, have come from the company.

Tributes to The Undertaker and Steve Austin. WSJ reports that the WWE made $1.1 billion last year and made $180.4 million in net income. Most of its profits come from the sale of rights to its content in countries throughout the world. For more such updates do follow us only on Lee Daily

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