Ryan Gosling Net Worth [Updated 2022], Height, Age, Affair, Career, and More

Ryan Gosling is the Hollywood icon who has become the man of dreams of many women around the world. He is a famous Canadian actor, writer, and also director with some of the best films. Ryan Gosling net worth majorly comes from his legendary films. Being the star of Oscar-nominated and all-time classic films, Ryan Gosling net worth was never a matter of concern for him. He had shaped a career that will provide for him throughout his life. However, he is currently very picky about the films he wants to be and Ryan Gosling’s net worth is definitely not affected by that.

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Ryan Gosling’s Early Life

Born on 12th November 1980 in Ontario, Canada, Ryan Thomas Gosling was dear to his parents. His father Thomas Ray was a traveling salesman whereas his mother Donna was a secretary. Though his parents were Mormons, Ryan was just the opposite and didn’t connect with Mormonism.

In spite of that, his parents’ religion did control all the growing stages of his life. However, when Ryan turned 13, his parents got officially divorced and from there, his mother along with his sister helped to raise him. At that time, Ryan Gosling net worth was not even a bit close to his current status. Still, he continued to study in Lester B. Pearson High School and was severely bullied.

Ryan Gosling's Personal Life

Interestingly, the star loved singing and he did perform at weddings with his sister. They performed at his uncle’s themed party which was an Elvis Presley tribute. He even started in a local ballet company. But soon the icon got his role in “The Mickey Mouse Club” and starred alongside Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. He was just 12 when he got the gig. But Ryan wanted to continue acting which would eventually help Ryan Gosling’s net worth. So, he decided to drop out of high school when he was 17 and then got small roles on many shows such as “Breaker High”, “Young Hercules”, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” etc.

Ryan Gosling Career

Ryan Gosling net worth became unmatched once he started doing movies. His first major role was in “Remember the Titans” and “The Believer”. Next came, “Murder by Numbers” with co-star Sandra Bullock. But the main change in his career happened when he played the role of Nicholas Sparks in the film “The Notebook” (2004) opposite Rachel McAdams.

Ryan won multiple awards including four Teen Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, and more to name. After that, he landed some of the best roles in films like “Stay”, “Fracture”, “Half Nelson” and more. He won his first Oscar in the Best Actor category for the film “Half Nelson”. He was also nominated for the first Golden Globe. But then Ryan took a three-year break.

With his 2010 film “Blue Valentine”, he was nominated for the second time in Golden Globe. Ryan Gosling’s net worth just went up as he gave back-to-back hits in the upcoming years. “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “Drive” and “The Ides of March” with George Clooney. Making no stops, he then met his future partner Eva Mendes in the film, “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2012 which also had Bradley Cooper.

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In 2014, he made his directorial debut with the film, “Lost River” but that was not quite a success. The celeb again started acting in the Oscar-nominated film, “The Big Short”. But the biggest hit came with his musical movie opposite Emma Stone, “La La Land”. Apart from an Academy Award nomination, he also won a Golden Globe. His other latest films were “Blade Runner 2049” and “First Man”

Ryan Gosling’s Appearance

The 42-year Hollywood heartthrob is 6 feets tall and weighs 76 kgs. He is mostly known for his sharp features, good looks, and charismatic personality.

Ryan Gosling’s Personal Life

Gosling dated several accomplished stars. He dated Sandra Bullock for only a year. Next, he was rumored to be with Rachel McAdams for two years. But things changed when he started dating Eva Mendes.

This is the Instagram account made by their fans who post their updates and recent activities.

They fell in love and have two daughters. The first was welcomed to their life in September 2014 and the second daughter was born in April 2016. They are the most private couple in Hollywood.

Though Ryan Gosling net worth is sufficient, he still pursues his dream. Gosling is a jazz singer as well as a guitarist. Besides, he also owns a Moroccan restaurant named Tagine. Besides, Ryan Gosling net worth helps him to actively donate to social causes and stay connected with charities.

Ryan Gosling Net Worth

In 2022, Ryan Gosling net worth stands at $70 million. The star leads a very closed and private life. So, no other details except for Ryan Gosling’s net worth are known to the public. 

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