Savannah Guthrie’s Appalling Amber Heard Interview

This is the first interview of Amber Heard following her loss in the defamation trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. The “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie sat down with Heard and the interview is nothing less than appalling and shocking.

Amber Heard’s Exclusive Interview with Savannah Guthrie

The second part of the exclusive interview with Today was aired on Wednesday and this is the first televised sit-down interview of Amber Heard after the long and fiery defamation trial. The interview was nothing less than interesting as Heard shared numerous revelations about the couple. Above all, the 36-year-old claimed that she still has feelings and “loved” her ex-husband Depp and denied the willingness to “cancel” him in her op-ed.

This is not the first time Heard has won a counterclaim, she did win back in 2020 in the UK trial where it was determined that Depp abused Heard on 12 to 14 occasions previously. These recent developments on the trial have left Heard with a reputation of a liar in the public eye and through the interview, she expressed her views and took on the situation. 

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Questions Regarding Defamation Trial was Asked

What We  Saw In First Part of Interview?

The first half of the interview aired on Monday and it was mostly focused on Savannah Guthrie grilling the actress about physical violence against Depp, and whether those were instigated by Heard. Guthrie also questioned Heard about the recordings and the claims and at the conclusion of the interview, it seemed like Guthrie wasn’t very pleased with their answers of Amber Heard.

Savannah appeared cynical and unsatisfied but continued with questions like whether it was Amber Heard who tipped off TMZ to take photos of Heard with bruises in 2016. The interview however failed to shed light upon any new discoveries as the questioning was mostly around discussions and arguments that already happened in the trial before. It also lacked any insights and information on the abuse.

Amber Heard’s Exclusive Interview with Savannah Guthrie

The history of television hosts on the topic of domestic abuse has mostly been unimpressive and it was not very different with Savannah Guthrie either. A lot of journalists and the audience were overwhelmed by the decision of allowing Guthrie for an interview with Amber Heard in the first place.

One week prior to the interview it was disclosed that Michael Feldman, the husband of Guthrie, was working in the legal team of Johnny Depp during the defamation trial. The interview of Michael with Camille Vasquez went viral on Twitter and was met with backlash from the users surrounding the conflict of interest here.

One of the Twitter users wrote, “If I was Amber Heard’s publicist or PR person, I probably wouldn’t grant my client’s first major interview with someone who disclosed a conflict of interest.”

It did raise controversy but both Amber Heard and her team were certain of the connection Guthrie has with the cause and they willingly decided to sit for the interview. The interview will conclude with an airing on Friday called Dateline special.

It was quite shocking to see how Heard spent the majority of the sit-down interview defending herself against claims that had already been made. It felt nothing less of a tragedy for the actress as she had to discuss the publicized claims, all over again. But the truth had to come out.

Above all, we understand how the interview and everything surrounding it could have been easily avoided.

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Besides, Amber Heard’s team should have not allowed the actress to take part in an interview where she will be shot with poor and unbiased questioning of Guthrie. But now, the audiences got new information, and it’s upon them to choose their sides. Who do you believe?

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