Gas Discounts and International Data: Here’s What T-Mobile’s Adding to Your Plan

T Mobile gas discount is currently the trending topic on the internet as it will not only save you from the high prices of gas but also keep your summer vacation plans going. The new plan named “Coverage Beyond” has added many exclusive benefits and T-Mobile’s gas discount is the most lucrative one. This T-Mobile Tuesday program is offering a 25-cent per gallon discount to the subscribers of the network, however, the gas must be refilled from the Shell Stations.

As a matter of fact, it is also bringing massive upgrades for customers to enjoy excellent international and in-flight data benefits that have never been seen before. So, what are the extra privileges along with T-Mobile’s gas discount plans?

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How To Avail T Mobile Gas Discount? What Are Its Perks?

As per Brandy Sloan, the official spokesperson of T-Mobile, the customer must select qualifying plans for enjoying T-Mobile’s gas discount. But the reward does have a maximum limit to which you can avail the benefit of T-Mobile’s gas discount.  The fine print states that the customers will be getting T-Mobile’s gas discount of “up to 20 gallons”. Previously, T-Mobile used to give around 10 to 15 cents discount per gallon. But the recent plan promises 25-cent discounts per gallon. That is a massive number considering the high price of petroleum these days. 

Apart from T-Mobile’s gas discount, the company is also offering a year of free membership in the American Automobile Association of AAA. This company is known for providing roadside assistance on an emergency basis like towing, jumpstarts, etc. So, the plan will help you save money on gas and also give roadside assistance.

The Upgrades in International Data Plans

T Mobile gas discount plan was quite simple but the international data plan is a bit complex. According to the new plan, the Magenta Max customers along with Business Unlimited Ultimate customers are eligible for 5GB of high-speed data every month. It is applicable in 210 countries where this mobile carrier operates. Before this upgrade was made, the Magenta Max subscribers would get around 256 kbps internet speed. But soon it will be converted to 5G.

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Regular Magenta customers residing in any of these 11 European countries: Austria, Montenegro, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, and Macedonia will be receiving this exclusive deal.

For the other 199 countries, the users will get 256 kbps. But to confirm, this is also an upgrade as the speed was lower before. Prior to this announcement being made, the non-Max customers used to get only half of this current speed when they were traveling internationally.

Now, for Mexico and Canada, the deal won’t be changing anyways. Both the Magenta and Magenta Max customers are going to receive 5GB of extreme high-speed data plus unlimited text and calls.

The In-flight Internet Facility

If you are talking about something new, the company is working on implementing free in-flight Wi-Fi. This will help in providing free video streaming services in flight and the deal is as good as T Mobile gas discount. However, this will be available on selective flights such as American Airlines, Delta, and Alaska Airlines. In fact, even United Airlines will be added to the list but it will take time.

Please note that this option is going to be available for only Magenta Max customers. Besides, for Magenta customers, they will get the option of only four flights. Plus, an hour of free browsing is also added.

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This is the first time that T-Mobile has introduced in-flight connectivity. They previously partnered with Gogo Inflight Internet but that service is no longer available.

Thus, T Mobile gas discount and the new plans are quite lucrative. It is definitely preparing the users for a very happening summer and it is hard to resist. Are you thinking about switching carriers for T Mobile gas discount?

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