How Using Quality Images from Photostock Sites Can Benefit Your Brand

A Guide to Improving Your Brand Visuals Using the Best 3 Stock Photography Websites

High-quality visuals are a quick and easy way to captivate user attention, illustrate and strengthen your texts, and boost engagement. However, creating such visuals takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you are a small business owner. In this case, turning to image stocks could be the best option. This article explains why you should opt for stock images and details the best photo stock sites. Read on!

Why should you buy photos from stock image platforms?

It optimizes your time

Instead of looking for a professional and figuring out if their license is suitable or not, you can place your trust in stock photo websites, which will do all of this for you. These stocks ensure that most of their content is high quality and properly licensed.

You see what you’re paying for

Sometimes, even if you’ve seen a photographer’s portfolio, you still might not like the photos taken specifically for you and your brand. However, when you buy stock images online, you’re purchasing artworks you already like.

It’s a small price for uniqueness

It costs less than paying a photographer; however, you still get original images. When you download free photos from stocks, there’s a big chance that you’ll see them in other places later—maybe, even in your competitor’s content. Purchasing stock photos allows you to choose from less widespread images, and you can also get exclusive rights for the files with specific licenses.

What to keep in mind if you want to buy stock images:

  • Type of license. The license must meet your needs and plans for further content usage. Although most licenses allow using images for personal and commercial purposes, there still might be some restrictions. In some cases, you have to purchase a particular license type if you want to use an image to sell merchandise, print an unlimited number of copies, or if you don’t want to credit the picture owner each time you use their visual.
  • Purchasing options. Some image stocks sell photos one at a time, some offer you an on-demand plan with the possibility of downloading 10, 25, 50, or 100 images, and some provide a monthly or yearly subscription. If you don’t need to buy images often, you can buy a small on-demand package. However, if you’re interested in downloading many content files, purchasing a subscription might be more cost-savvy.
  • Photo library. This is especially important if you purchase a subscription. Although image stocks are generally vast, some provide more options and image collections than others, and are more worthy of the investment.
  • Payment options. International users must be sure that there’s a quick and convenient way to pay for images. Therefore, always check if a stock supports a particular payment method, like PayPal or cards from your country.

Top 3 stock photo sites

Depositphotos is one of the fastest-growing image stocks on the market. Founded in 2009, it offers 230+ million royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, and audio files. Among them, you can find 70,000 free images and stock photos. To download free files, you just have to create an account. Although the numbers are impressive, content search is simple. You can filter pictures by type (photo, vector, illustration), look through available image collections, and apply advanced search filters like color, orientation, date, number of people, and other useful parameters.

Moreover, the platform offers not only content, but also image editing tools. An Image Upscaler, a free Depositphotos tool at enlarges an image twice in size within seconds using AI-powered technology. At the same time, it produces an HD visual by increasing the image resolution, adding sharpness, brightening the colors, and polishing the overall look. The upscaler supports JPG and JPEG file formats.

the platform offers two types of licenses: Standard and Extended. Standard license allows using images for personal and commercial purposes and modifying the files for print material. However, you cannot sell products using downloaded visuals or create more than 500,000 copies with each picture. The Extended license lifts those restrictions and limitations.

Alamy offers more than 292 million images that you can filter by type (photos, vectors, illustrations, and social media visuals), location, orientation, style, viewpoint, number of people, and category, simplifying the searching process.

Moreover, Alamy offers a variety of licenses, depending on your needs and purposes. Besides the royalty-free license, you can find licensing options for presentations or newsletters, websites, magazines and books, TV programs, digital publishing, and more. If you want to buy stock images for personal use, this will cost you less than purchasing visuals for a marketing campaign. Alamy also offers Custom licenses that can be adjusted to customer specific needs.

Photocase offers various image collections to simplify search, and also has a Trends section to help you choose the most appealing and relevant visuals for your brand. Besides, it offers customers a flexible purchasing system. You can either pay for one photo in small, medium, or large sizes or buy a credit bundle. Such bundles are more budget-friendly and allow you to purchase more files.

All images come with a Basic license that allows using images indefinitely for personal and commercial projects under one condition—you always need to attribute the author or the platform. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll have to pay extra for Extended rights. And, if you’re going to use photos for big commercial projects, such as selling merchandise and templates, you’ll also have to pay more.

To sum up

Image stocks are a great option for those who need high-quality images, but don’t have the resources to create them within their team or outsource a professional. When you decide to buy stock photos, check the license a website offers, evaluate the number of visuals you need to select the most cost-savvy pricing plan, and make sure the site supports the payment method of your choice.

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