Most Shocking Vince McMahon Past Controversies

Vince McMahon controversies have become a part of his long career. The big name in the wrestling industry purchased WWE from his father back in the 1980s’ and Vince McMahon controversies started back then. It is undeniable that Victor has helped in making WWE the worldwide phenomenon it is. Hit events such as WrestleMania gave birth to iconic WWE stars namely Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, and more.

Even after numerous Vince McMahon controversies, he is referred to as a genius of “sports entertainment”. As per recent news, WWE corporate board had sought an investigation against Vince McMahon. This time he is suspected of getting romantically involved with an employee. Not only that he increased the salary of that employee and bribed her with $3 million for keeping her mouth shut while leaving the company. This is one of many Vince McMahon controversies and probably the truth is going to be out soon. But for now, let’s have a look back on Vince McMahon’s controversies and check how problematic he is:

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The U.S. Government Vs. Vince McMahon: Infamous Steroid Trial

In November 1993, McMahon was accused by the U.S. government of providing and encouraging the intake of anabolic steroids to his fellow WWE wrestlers. Vince was even charged for disturbing these himself. These drugs are illegal and life-threatening. However, in July of 1994, the jury dismissed the case and set Vince free after assessing some of the important aspects. He was proven not guilty.

Bret Hart’s Montreal Screwjob

Not only one of the worst Vince McMahon controversies but also wrestling’s biggest scandal. Bret Hart still held his title at Survivor Series 1997 and Vince “elected to screw” the champion. Vince insisted the referee ring the final bell at the time challenger Shawn Michaels locked Hard with his iconic Sharpshooter hold. The main reason for doing so was because Hart was planning on “taking the WWE title to WCW TV” and also to give Brat a taste of losing against real-life enemies. This was the first time that McMahon was acknowledged for owning WWE.

The Sudden Death of Owen Hart

Vince McMahon controversies got darker and the death of a famous mid-card member of the WWE roster, Owen Hart was heart-breaking. Interestingly he was also the brother of Bret Hart. He was destined to become the next icon of WWE but the dream never got fulfilled since during Over the Edge 1999, “The King of Harts” had an untimely death after his high-flying entrance went horribly wrong. In spite of this mishap, McMahon continued with his pay-per-view policy, and WWE was even accused of Hart’s death. Even Marth Hart, his widow, won the lawsuit of wrongful death.

Sudden Death of Own Hart

Brian Pillman Widow’s Live Interview With WWE

Hart Foundation’s member, Brian Pillman had a sudden death after having a heart issue. He died on the same day as the wrestler was supposed to wrestle on the famous Ground Zero pay-per-view. But without considering the feelings of Brian’s wife Melanie, McMahon arranged a live interview with his widow the following night on RAW. The only reason for this interview was to clarify that WWE and wrestling are in no way responsible for this tragic death. This is one of Vince McMahon controversies that are heavily criticized to date.

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The Problematic Response of WWE to Chris Benoit

Undoubtedly, this is amongst the saddest incidents in the wrestling world ever. In July 2007, Chris Benoit murdered Nancy, his wife along with his son Daniel before committing suicide. Obviously, there was no involvement of WWE in this. However, the thing that went wrong was McMahon’s actions of rushing to a 3-hour tribute to Chris Benoit on Raw. After the dark facts were unveiled to the public, Chris was found to be the killer. And this led to an instant backlash against McMahon.

Jimmy Snuka Murdering His Girlfriend and WWE Alleged Covered It Up

 Jimmy may have been an innovator but in 1983, his then-girlfriend Nancy Argentino was reported dead back in Snuka’s hotel room. The cause of death? Well, Nancy was beaten to death. Though Snuka wasn’t charged back then he was found guilty after 30 years in 2015. The reason is that Snuka is mentally unfit. But how did it get included in Vince McMahon controversies? It is believed that McMahon had a role in taking Snuka off the doubt. McMahon allegedly bribed local police.

Jimmy Snuka Murdering His Girlfriend

Vince McMahon’s Casual Use of Racial Slur

Vince McMahon controversies are never-ending. In the 2005 Survivor Series, Vince was shown in a backstage segment where he was conversing with John Cena. However, his casual use of a racial slur to the icon John Cena triggered an instant reaction from Black WWE performers.

If you think that this is the end of Vince McMahon controversies, you are wrong. The WWE owner has so many controversies that an entire book can be dedicated to that. With the latest one under investigation, you have more to know about Vince McMahon controversies.

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