True Story of Brittany Murphy’s Tragic Death

Brittany Murphy’s death is still one of the most tragic incidents to date. On 20th December 2009, Brittany was reported to collapse in her home’s bathroom. After just a few hours, news of Brittany Murphy’s death circulated. The star died at around 10 a.m. at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Brittany Murphy’s death was so sudden that the entire Hollywood was in shock. Many started speculating the dark secrets behind her glamorous life mainly in her personal life.

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This has led to several conspiracy theories and soon, HBO Max released, ”What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” which is a two-part documentary series. It was released on 14th October 2021 and sheds light on Brittany Murphy’s death.

Brittany’s Husband Simon Monjack Was A Con Artist

Debuting in Hollywood at a time when women weren’t treated with respect, Brittany had years of struggle. We have seen how Hollywood and the “misogynist scrutiny in the media” has led to ruining the life of pop icon Britney Spears. Similarly, Murphy was always subjected to criticism in some way or the other.

Some colleagues asked her to lose weight while some demanded she had a hair makeover. In fact, some of the big names in Hollywood said to her that she was definitely “not fuckable” to be in the lead role of any film.

So, is the insecurity the reason for Brittany Murphy’s death or was there something more to it? Maybe her husband Simon Monjack.

In spite of her friend warning Brittany about Simon Monjack’s criminal history, she married him in 2007. As soon as he moved into Brittany’s home where her mom used to live, he started by detaching Murphy from her friends.

brittany Murphy
brittany murphy

He fired everyone and became manager, agent, and even makeup artist to Brittany. While filming her last movie, Brittany got fired due to Simon. It was just a month after that when news of Brittany Murphy’s death was declared.

In the series, the mother of one of Simon’s ex claimed him as abusive, controlling, and also a serial liar. Weeks after Brittany Murphy’s death, Simon and Brittany’s mother Sharon made an appearance for the Larry King Live. In fact, they continued to stay together and that was suspicious. 

A report stated, “Murphy died of pneumonia with contributing factors of iron deficiency anemia and multiple drug intoxication. But over the years, fans and true crime heads have questioned the likelihood of a 32-year-old dying of pneumonia, and alleged that mold growing in Brittany’s home or perhaps even poison administered to her by her mother or her husband could have caused her death.”

But surprisingly, Simon Monjack was even found dead on 23rd May 2010 due to pneumonia and anemia. So, was Simon behind Brittany Murphy’s death or someone else?

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HBO Max Debunks All The Theories

Los Angeles Coroner mentioned that Brittany would have been alive if she was admitted to the hospital when she was having breathing issues due to pneumonia. Murphy’s mother also found out that whatever Simon gifted Sharon, everything was fake.

Monjack even had drained the bank account by spending almost $3 million that belonged to Murphy. Monjack, “had control of her assets, creating fake property deeds and jewelry to assure Sharon and Brittany that he was investing their wealth smartly.”

Monjack has manipulated Murphy and used her fame and wealth to get his way. Though he had an untimely death, this doesn’t change the fact that Monjack is responsible hugely for Brittany Murphy’s death. However, if he has killed him or it was something else, that hasn’t been proven. The mystery lurking Brittany Murphy’s death is still lurking. 

But Sharon has not spoken out publicly about her daughter’s death except for the time when she published a letter along with Brittany’s father Angelo.

There she mentioned that her daughter was poisoned as her hair test results showed the signs of heavy metals.

Angelo has shown he only wants to trade on Brittany’s life, career, and good reputation — even at the cost of putting a cloud over her memory,” “She was my baby, and we stood together throughout Brittany’s life.”

“Now I must stand up for her again…I want my Brittany to be remembered as the darling person she was, for the giant talent she showed the world, and for the friendships and loving relationships that really were part of her life.”

So, was Brittany Murphy’s death a coincidence or a well-planned murder? What do you think?

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