Bantam Bagels Net Worth, Its Founders And All Latest Updates 2022

Bantam Bagels’ net worth was predicted when it presented the revolutionary product in the Shark Tank. This tasty bagel company has impressed the Sharks with their innovative bagel. They first pitched the product in 2015 and since then, Bantam Bagels’ net worth kept going up profits.

Shark Lori Greiner was the one who finally got to be a part of Bantam Bagels’ net worth journey and today, it is one of the most successful food businesses. Let’s check their success story and how Bantam Bagels’ net worth went from zero to nothing after Shark Tank.

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Nick Oleksak and Elyse Oleksak: The Founders of Bantam Bagels

Elyse and Nick were having successful careers on Wall Street before they finally left their jobs in the financial sector to dedicate time to the Bantam Bagels. They lived in New York for ten years and one day, Nick and Elyse decided to open a bagel shop.

Initially, Bantam Bagels’ net worth was mere compared to what it is now. They started by using the money earned from their jobs to launch their business. However, the team dreamt about transforming their business into something big and successful. 

Their innovative idea of making bagels filled with cream cheese kickstarted their business and Bantam Bagels’ net worth.

What is Bantam Bagels?

Bantam Bagels’ net worth can make you guess how big of a company it has become. The product that started just as an idea has now become a tasty revolution. Bantam Bagels has introduced cream cheese bagels and even pancakes in the market that are delicious and lip-smacking.

However, all the products were of mini size so that the customers can have a quick bite to fulfill their hunger pangs. 

Bantam Bagels

Currently, the company has thousands of customers to cater to. It even teamed up with QVC for selling its scrumptious line of bagels. 

The Pitch of Bantam Bagels

Nick and Elyse came to Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 13. The episode aired on 9th January 2015. Though the sharks loved the bagels that were given to them, some were not convinced to partner up with this business since they have been involved with such in the past. At the time of the pitch, Bantam Bagels’ net worth was at risk since their business didn’t perform well.

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They were willing to expand their business but were clueless about the direction that they must follow. That’s why they came to Shark Tank to team up with sharks that will not only give Bantam Bagels an identity but also expand Bantam Bagels’ net worth and business. The founders wanted guidance, coaching, and a successful business at the end of the day.

Their initial words were not promising for some sharks. So, Robert and Mark Cuban were out of the deal and decided not to invest in the business. However, Barbara wanted to join the team as she has expertise after working closely with Daisy Cakes. Barbara offered $275,000 for a 51% stake in Bantam Bagels. And clauses were there that stated about changing the branding as well as dropping themselves from QVC.

Kevin also had a similar offer for contributing to Bantam Bagels’ net worth. But he was asking for 50% and Nick was required to leave his job to rent a commercial kitchen. He planned to give these treats to the consumers directly as it would be exclusive.

It was Lori that had the best offer. Her only requirement was that the name must be changed. She started by asking 30% for $275,000 but the deal was finalized at a 25% stake for $275,000. In fact, for making Bantam Bagels’ net worth big and happening, a coach was even appointed to help them figure out the business.

Bantam Bagels’ Net Worth: What Is The Current Status Of The Business?

Bantam Bagel net worth in 2022 is $20 million. It is years of hard work that gad led to this position. Currently, the company has deals with Hilton Hotels, Starbucks, and even premium Delta Airlines. Bantam Bagels’ net worth has kept multiplying and the sales are even higher than ever. The founders have not yet expressed any future plans but the company is doing great and it is turning in huge profits every single year since its launch.

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