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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Million-Dollar Supercar Crashes Into House In Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo's Million-Dollar Supercar Crashes Into House In Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo's Million-Dollar Supercar Crashes Into House In Spain

The football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been in the news for his impeccable gameplay. But the latest headlines that he made were not related to football. In fact, it is about the massive accident that Cristiano Ronaldo’s supercar which is currently valued at 1.8 million pounds has reportedly crashed into an unknown house located in Majorca.

The accident took place on Monday when the Portuguese footballer was vacationing with his family. News is circulating that the car has already been shipped to Mallorca.

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Was Cristiano Ronaldo Responsible For The Accident?

As the pre-season of Manchester United is going to begin at the end of this month, Cristiano Ronaldo was spending quality time with his family before returning to the UK for the game season. However, El Periodico Mediterraneo reported that Cristiano was in no way involved in this case. It was an employee who was driving the Cristiano Ronaldo’s supercar.

And suddenly the employee crashed this very expensive supercar into the entrance of a stranger’s house.

Reports claimed that the driver seemed to have lost control amidst driving this car and couldn’t prevent the vehicle from gliding into the wall.

It can be said that Monday morning was pretty hectic for the G.O.A.T. as he had to deal with all the mess. In spite of not being directly connected to the accident, it was Ronaldo whose name got circulated in the media.

No one got hurt or injured due to this accident but the vehicle has suffered from terrible damage. According to the investigators that visited the site, the front of this high-priced Bugatti was wrecked at the front. However, the investigators didn’t provide any further details regarding this.

To address the case as an emergency, Bunyol Town Hall’s local police along with Civil Guard officers visited the scene of the accident.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo’s Supercar Was shipped for his vacation?

Yes, Ronaldo spares no expenses when he gets free time to spend with family and friends during the off-season. The football icon is always very busy with his training and games. But when he is out on vacation, he enjoys the time to the fullest.

Being one of the richest athletes that the world has ever seen, Ronaldo has a wide collection of exclusive luxury cars. For this personal time in Spain, he shipped two of his expensive cars to the island. But one of those cars had already been in an accident. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Million-Dollar Supercar

Ronaldo has not commented anything regarding this incident and we believe that he is dealing with the matter privately. 

This case happens soon after the “US district judge in Las Vegas dismissed a rape lawsuit against the football superstar”. Ronaldo was accused of assaulting Ms. Kathryn Mayorga back in 2009 after they visited a Las Vegas hotel. She then stated that Ronaldo paid her hush money of $375,000 and then she claims to need further payment to cope with her emotional trauma. But fortunately, Ronaldo won the case. 

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It is confirmed that Cristiano will be returning this season along with a new manager, Erik Ten Haag. Though fans are concerned if Ten Haag and Ronaldo can work freely together. But as of now, both the parties are excited to push each other to perform their best.

Last month, Ronaldo informed the club’s website, “What I know about him is he did a fantastic job for Ajax, that he’s an experienced coach,” “But we need to give him time. We are happy and excited, not only as players but the supporters as well. I wish him the best and let’s believe that, next year, we are going to win trophies.”

So, this recent accident is not going to impact his career. However, Ronaldo may have to cover the charges of damages. 

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