Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 Release Date Status & Time (Latest Updates)

If you had a childhood growing up watching Dragon Ball Z or reading the Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball Super is something you cannot miss out on. Dragon Ball Super is the current and the latest iteration of the manga. And this already famous series has gotten even more popular with Chapter 85 coming on the way. 

Its prominence around the globe is already quite high but as it has anime materials that are adapted from the manga, it is gaining even more popularity everywhere.

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Fans cannot wait to find out how the story goes and how the plot develops but what we all know is Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is on its way and it seems like this chapter is going to make the fans go crazier.

Dragon Ball Chapter 85 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is something that kept everyone waiting but now we have an official release date for this new chapter. As a matter of fact, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is released on June 20, 2022, and the title of this new chapter is going to be “Their Separate Answers.”

How many pages are in this new chapter is still yet to be confirmed but we can expect to get more details ahead of the premiere. 

dragon ball
dragon ball

While this has not been the trend with manga comics before, Dragon Ball Super is an exception in this case. The official release date of June 20th, 2022 is only applicable to the English translations.

but the official Japanese version of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is released on the 18th of June 2022. It will be published in Shueisha’s V Magazine and a new issue of the manga will be released on the 20th of every month.

Though we are looking at a nearby release date of Chapter 85, it is a piece of comforting news for the fans that the Dragon Ball Super is already renewed.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 and The Previous Chapter Plot 

The fans of Dragon Ball Super are quite excited about the  Chapter 85 plot and storyline. But nothing has surfaced yet regarding the possible plot of this new chapter. We will have to wait till it releases to find out more about the plot and possible storyline.

We do not have a lot of information on the spoilers either. It is common for manga fans to get some spoilers or information regarding a new chapter before its debut and all that we know about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is that it is going to show the Goku and Vegeta vs Gas fight. Alongside them, we are also expecting to see Cereal.

The previous chapter however was quite interesting and gives us an idea in which direction the story could move possibly. In the last chapter, we see Granolah lying unconscious and recovering whereas Goku recalls more memories of his parents and events that made him and Gine go away from the planet when they were infants.

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He goes on to have a realization, and lose his faith in his own strength. In addition to that, we also see Vegeta losing sight of the burden of his people’s pride that has made him too focused on his own needs. 

Where Can You Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 is definitely a much-awaited chapter. The good news is that all the episodes including Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 can be read on a regular basis on Viz Media official website after it releases. Like all the other mangas, it also releases the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85 in English as Viz Media is the official American publisher of Dragon Ball Super manga.

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It is available to read online after the publishing of the Japanese originals. Having a Viz Media subscription not only will help you read but will also give you access to many other series as well. The website is updated regularly.

Are you as excited as we are for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 85? This new chapter is going to make a mark in the hearts of the Dragon Ball Super manga fans.

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