Google Co-Founder, World’s 6th-Richest, Files For Divorce

Google Co-founder Divorce is very much in discussion. The co-founder of the internet giant Google, Sergey Brin who is deemed the sixth-richest person in the world right now has filed for divorce.

Brin was married to Nicole Shanahan for only three years and with him announcing his divorce, this has become the case of a third-mega billionaire who has done so in all these years. The reason for the split hasn’t been disclosed by either of the parties.

Sergey Brin Proceeded With The Divorce Filings This Month

The petition of getting a dissolution of the three-year-old marriage was submitted by Brin this month. As per the documents submitted in the court, it was stated that the couple had “irreconcilable differences”.

They completely chose to keep the divorce and the details related to it extremely private. It is because the couple has a three-year-old child together and for the sake of the innocent kid, they want to deal with the matters privately.

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The filing submitted in Santa Clara, California further read, “Because of the high-profile nature of their relationship, there is likely to be significance public interest in their dissolution case and any potential child custody issues.”

Sergey Brin’s & Nicole Shanahan’s Divorce Settlement

Sergey Brin, the 48-old billionaire has a net worth of $94 billion as currently updated by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. He co-founded this huge company with his business partner, Larry Page in 1998.

Then after that, the partners went on to launch their holding company, Alphabet Inc. Even after leaving the company in 2019, Sergey is still on the board and has all the rights to control shareholders. Brin married Nicole Shanahan in 2018 and they have a little daughter.

Google CO-Founder Divorce Filed
Google CO-Founder Divorce Filed

The court filings suggest that Sergey isn’t seeking any sort of spousal support and why would he. Coming back to the custody of their daughter, Mr. Brin stated about joint custody. According to the filings, “All issues as to the property rights or obligations of the parties will be determined by confidential binding arbitration in accordance with a written agreement between the parties.” 

Brin was previously married to Anne Wojcicki, the co-founder of 23andMe before Nicole. But then again, the couple divorced in 2015. It is rumored that Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan did have a prenuptial agreement.

The news of the latest split is announced just a year after the former couple, Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates declared separate ways. And three years back, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott got divorced.

According to the net worth of the billionaires that were evaluated at that time, the Gates couple had a humongous fortune of $145 billion to divide. Whereas Bezos and Scott even divided the $137 billion fortune after divorce.

Shanahan created Bia-Echo Foundation and the lawyer representing her in the divorce case is also the founder and president of the same. The main mission of this foundation is to ensure “longevity and equality, criminal justice reform, and a healthy and livable planet.”

The website of this foundation states that it has $26.7 million in assets and the 2019 tax filing suggests that it had received $7.4 million in grants.

Hopefully, she will have her foundation even after the divorce. The Bia-Echo Foundation profile of Shanahan claims, “In the past, Nicole has supported efforts in Bia-Echo’s three core investment areas through the Sergey Brin Family Foundation.” 

If Shanahan is planning to continue philanthropy like other ex-billionaire wives, this is the perfect opportunity. Hopefully, she will take on the same path as Melinda French and MacKenzie Scott. 

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Likely, you are never going to know what is going on inside the court since this divorce case will be dealt with by a private judge.

So, the details that the couple is willing to share will be updated publicly and the rest will remain behind closed doors. Will Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan’s split make Nicole an overnight billionaire?  Or will the case be directed to somewhere else? 

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