How Rengoku Became a Hashira in Demon Slayer!

Rengoku Demon Slayer fans were shocked when their favorite character died in “Mugen Train”. Kyojuro Rengoku was one of the most loved Demon Slayers and his death was quite emotional. As the ardent fans of the anime know, Rengoku Demon Slayer was a Hashira, who was considered to be the pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps.

There are several other Hashiras such as Insect Hashira, Wind Hashira, Water Hashira, Stone Hashira, and more. Well, Rengoku Demon Slayer was the Flame Hashira who died while fighting against the Upper Three Demon, Akaza. Rengoku used all his last bit of power to kill Akaza, however, the demon escaped leaving Rengoku Demon Slayer dead.

He died like a true hero and fans couldn’t believe their eyes. 

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But now that the new season of “Demon Slayers” was released on Netflix in 2022, fans accepted the fact that Rengoku Demon Slayer will not return. But there is still one question that bothers Demon Slayer fans.

How did Rengoku Demon Slayer become a Hashira? Usually, one thing is common among all the other Hashiras. It is that their families were ruthlessly killed by demons and their powers are fuelled by anger and sadness. So, what was so unique about Rengoku, and what led to him being so powerful?

How did Rengoku become a Flame Hashira?

Kyojuro Rengoku was born in a family who were an integral part of the respected Demon Slayer Corps for generations. It was in Rengoku lineage and so, the family has been producing powerful Flame Pillars.

In fact, Rengoku Demon Slayer’s father, Shinjuro Rengoku was the former Flame Hashira before his father. The first Rengoku family head honed his skills by learning the Sun Breathing technique and Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first-ever demon slayer taught him this. From there, the latest Flame Breathing technique seen in the show was adapted and it kept passing down throughout the generations.

rengoku demon slayer

However, things changed soon. After the sudden death of his mother, Rengoku’s father got trapped in depression and he started relying on alcohol to forget the pain. He was the oldest serving Hashira who had to quit because of his broken heart. Being the eldest son and having a brother to take care of, Rengoku Demon Slayer took it upon himself to learn everything and carry the centuries-old Rengoku family traditions.

Rengoku read every single page of the instruction book of the Flame breath and trained himself to become the next pillar of the Rengoku family. He is a self-taught Hashira who made it on his own.

Finally, he succeeded in becoming a Pillar in the Demon Slayers Corp. but upon telling his father, he stated “it doesn’t matter”. In spite of that, Rengoku Demon Slayer remained positive. It was his flamboyant and positive attitude that impressed the audiences the most.

Why did Rengoku Demon Slayer Choose To Be A Hashira?

Apart from the fact that he was destined to be a Hashira, Rengoku Demon Slayer wanted to fulfill his dying mother’s wish of seeing him as a pillar. Ruka Rengoku knew the potential of his son and always stood for justice. She believes, It is the responsibility of the strong to protect those who can’t protect themselves. That was the value and way of life that she wanted to teach to her sons.”

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However, when she got sick due to a terminal disease, she decided to say about her dream to see her son as a Pillar. While she was on her deathbed, Ruka was constantly reminded of this noble job.

It was then that Rengoku Demon Slayer promised his mother to help the people in need whatever the situation may be. Since then, he had made it a mission to save everyone in his capacity and make his mother proud.

Rengoku  may have died a heroic death, but the fans are yet recovering from this. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of anime and Rengoku Demon Slayer will always remain a part of the Demon Slayer Corpse!

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