Amber Heard’s Girlfriend Eve Barlow Warns Evan Rachel Wood Is Next

Amber Heard has been the subject of an insane amount of backlash and criticism starting from the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial. But even after so much negative media, some people are still sticking by her side.

Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow, a journalist by profession has openly supported her. Though Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow claims herself to be a personal friend, she didn’t think twice before jumping into defending Amber against the thread of tweets attacking her. Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow made blasting revelations on 21st June 2022.

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What Did Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow Say?

Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow straight went to unveil the truth about the earnings of YouTube journalists like “That Umbrella Guy”.

She claimed that these journalists get paid as high as $1m every year just to spread lies and gossip that are false about Amber Heard. In fact, shockingly, Eve, who is still in support of her girlfriend, Amber Heard finds herself to be in the trending news often because of fake information.

After enduring these gossips for months, Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow tweeted, 

Were you aware that so-called YouTube journos like That Umbrella Guy make THAT much (ie $1m per year) making up bullshit and obsessively posting videos about Amber, her family, and friends, including me?”

The journalist herself claimed that she is always receiving hate after Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard’s infamous trial. As a matter of fact, things have worsened since Amber lost the case and Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow had to face hate along with her. She talked about her experience of getting a series of threats every day. However, upon further digging, she found out that “The Umbrella Guy” is the main connection in all of these. 

“My Instagram posts currently have 20K hate comments underneath them. I get hate messages that wish for me to be bottle-raped. I don’t have to explain to people why I care,” here is another explosive tweet coming from Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow.

Amber Heard Eve Barlow

On a more shocking note, Eve even warned that the next person who will be subjected to this much hate will be Evan Rachel Wood, the ex-wife of singer Marilyn Manson. Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow was not wrong to say so because Marilyn has already filed a defamation case against Evan and he is also one of her closest friends Depp.

Who is Eve Barlow?

It is rumored that Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow was asked to leave the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. This has led to her becoming a well-known face. Eve was an employee of the National Music Express where she took the role of a music journalist (NME). She was raised in Giffnock, Glasgow, and soon moved to Los Angeles, California where she is currently based.

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In spite of going to law school and studying law for almost three years, Eve realized that she has no intention of continuing with law. The journalist had more inclination toward politics, modern studies, philosophy, literature, and more. Later she pursued her career in knowing more about human rights and went to London to do so,

After returning, she started creating and writing her own music. But along with that, she was also hired as a deputy editor at the reputed NME. Finally, she relocated to the United States and started getting a gig as a freelancer.

Currently, she is in the news for being Amber Heard’s girlfriend Eve Barlow. The trial has been tough on her as well since she is getting hate for just supporting Amber. Whatever it is, Eve looks strong and passionate and hopefully, she will stop getting into all these dramas.

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