Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets: How To Unlock Them?

Hot Wheels Unleashed City Rumble contains a total of nine hidden areas that must be discovered. These hidden objectives need to be carried out before the player may proceed further in the campaign.
The Milestone arcade racer, Ride 4: MotoGP 21, is an incredible piece of software. You essentially get a great driving experience, 68 awesome vehicles, 41 insane tracks, and in-depth editors for both the course and the livery.
The Hot Wheels City Rumble serves as the game’s primary “career” mode, and inside this mode are nine hidden areas that must be discovered. You will not be able to proceed past a certain point if you do not unlock them, thus it is imperative that you do so.

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Therefore, without more blathering from A Tribe Called Cars, the following is a walkthrough for revealing all nine hidden things. In contrast to other guidelines available on the internet, all of them have been tested.

Players of Hot Wheels Unleashed are required to fulfill certain requirements before they may access any of the game’s nine hidden content areas. In order for players to advance in City Rumble, they have to win the races that have been unlocked after they have been unlocked.

The players may stumble into the first few secrets early on in City Rumble before they are able to finish the prerequisite; nevertheless, the description of each secret provides pointers as to what must be finished later on in City Rumble.
This post will primarily be about the Hot Wheels Unleashed secrets, and we will discuss how to access all of them.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 1 (Unsolved Mystery)

City Rumble’s “Amazing Drivers” racetrack requires Motosaurus. Motosaurus may be unlocked after all eastbound events have been accomplished; it can be located at the final location on this road. For the “Amazing Drivers” competition to the north-northwest of the roundabout, put it to good use after that My recommendation is to take home the gold medal because it is unclear whether “complete” means winning or finishing in the top.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 2(Hidden From View)

“End the reign of terror of the winged monster.” This is a race that may be completed with any vehicle. Please bring your finest vehicle to participate in this fun and demanding event. The “Limited Offers” option has some nice items, or you could open some spare Blind Boxes if you’re having a hard time.

hot wheels unleashed secrets
hot wheels unleashed secrets

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 3(Hidden To Most)

It is imperative that you eliminate the ice queen. You can use any vehicle to defeat the Snow Pilot monster. In this case, a podium result could suffice, although a first-place finish is preferable. If you’re having trouble, try setting the difficulty too easy.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 4(Covert)

In order to complete the ultimate challenge, you must defeat four bosses. To gain access to the Covert secret, you must complete four boss races. It’s easy to tell which races are bosses due to their enhanced reward number. So, work your way through them one by one.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 5(Can You Keep A Secret?)

According to mythology, a spooky ghost is keeping this passage closed. To access this secret, you must complete the final boss race, Ghost Seekers. That’s a good thing because the last boss race is required to unlock the next Hot Wheels Unleashed secret of nine. As in the last game, win to ensure that you discover the secret.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 6(Secret Unveiled)

Using Bone Shaker, you must finish the “Reckless Driving” mission in City Rumble. To get access to the Bone Shaker, you must first win the Ghost Seekers boss race.

You have to come out on top. The next step is to utilize the Bone Shaker to finish the ‘Reckless Driving’ event.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 7(Top Secret)

Using Buns of Steel, reach “The Best” in City Rumble’s challenge mode. In City Rumble, you may gain access to Buns of Steels by claiming the awards that are located at the end of each street. This secret can’t be accessed until the quest Secret Unveiled is finished, which will allow you to open the door to the west.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 8(Suprise)

Results from the Top Secret event, which must be successfully completed.

The Buns of Steel event I mentioned earlier is required to get the eighth secret in my guide, which I’ve cleverly titled “Hot Wheels Unleashed: How to Unlock Secrets.”

Hot Wheels Unleashed Secrets 9(Tell No-One)

It’s getting late, so get up and go to bed! The school bus isn’t picking you up today because it’s your first day.

This is the final task in my collection of Hot Wheels Unleashed secrets, so please forgive the error there. For this puzzle, you’ll need a huge yellow school bus, as suggested by the hint. Unlocking it can be possible as part of a Limited Offer or a Blind Box deal.

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