Photos Leak of Amber Heard Making Out With Mystery Woman: Is That Cara Delevigne?

Johnny Depp has long ago accused ex-wife Amber Heard of cheating on him with Elon Musk and Cara Delevigne. Apparently, Amber Heard had a threesome with Tesla founder Elon Musk along with supermodel Cara Delevinge, however, it was done in the ex-couple’s apartment.

Recently, a video of a mystery woman kissing and making out with Amber Heard went viral on the internet. Previously, the infamous videos of Amber Heard getting intimate with Elon Musk and James Franco were leaked. And this time, it’s a woman. Who is this mystery woman?

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According to the pixelated video footage, the internet eagle-eyed investigators figured out that it was none other than supermodel Cara Delevigne. Though the authenticity is not proven, it can be easily identified as Victoria’s Secret model.

Exclusive Footage of Amber Heard Making Out With Cara Delevigne

Popcorned Planet was the first to make this exclusive reveal. The video footage shows two women in an elevator passionately kissing each other. You may question how one can be so sure that it is Cara Delevigne. Well, how can one not recognize those hugely popular eyebrows and cheekbones? The side face can be seen in a split of seconds but there is no doubt that the woman is none other than Cara Delevigne.

Neither Amber nor Cara commented anything regarding the video. But it is almost too good to not be true. Cara Delevigne is famous for being in relationships with high-profile women throughout her career.

On the other hand, Amber always identified herself as someone who has an interest in both men and women. Initially, when the news about the threesome was circulating on the internet, all the parties involved in this case denied any such claims.

Even after the video footage, everyone stayed numb. It was until recently that Amber Heard actually confessed about her alleged relationship with Musk. However, she claimed that there was no love involved in that relationship.

Photos Amber Heard Mystery Woman
Photos Amber Heard Mystery Woman

James Franco, her ex-co-star was also caught doing the same and got involved in this high-profile cheating scandal. Well, he remained silent even after so many allegations. Now that the new video having Cara and Amber surfaced all over social media, it proves that Johnny Depp was right all along. 

Well, the released video had no time stamp and the images were given by Signore. In fact, a woman who resided in the same building as the former couple confirmed the woman in the videotape. She said that the woman definitely looked like the supermodel Cara Develinge.

Did Cara Delevigne and Amber Heard Have A Relationship?

When the first trial that happened in the United Kingdom took place, a former friend of Amber Heard confirmed about the Aquaman actress cheating on Depp with Cara Delevigne. Until today, there was no evidence that could prove these allegations.

But after Depp won the defamation trial, film journalist Andy Signore got exclusive access to these photos and he released all the proof online. The photos were definitely revealing and so was the video and it states a lot about the whole truth of the situation.

Though Amber Heard lost the defamation trial, she always stuck by her claims that Johnny Depp was abusive toward her. Even in the recent NBC interview, she talked about the huge number of hates that she has been receiving to date.

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The trial may have ended but people are still trying to figure out the entire truth of Hollywood’s most famous marriage. Well, new video evidence has been updated, and the ball is again on Johnny Depp’s court. It is proven that Amber has been cheating on her ex-husband with multiple partners and there is no denial.

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