Harry Styles Swims With Olivia Wilde Before Dublin Show in Striped Boardshorts and a Blue T-shirt

After his mesmerizing Love On Tour performances, he has been likened to the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde went for a dip in the at Vico Baths in Dublin on Tuesday night, taking a break from their hectic schedules. Fans were taken aback when they saw the 28-year-old musician at the popular tourist destination.

Wearing black-and-white striped boardshorts and a blue T-shirt with a logo on the front, he appeared relaxed and carefree. Harry wore a pair of black Old Skool Vans and carried a yellow Tower Records carrier bag, which appeared to have Guinness inside. Olivia, 28, trailed close behind him as he proceeded down the steps into the swimming hole, a small smile on his face.

Another shot showed Harry getting ready for a brief dip in the warm weather, shirtless and with an aquamarine towel draped over his shoulder. Alongside the snaps, which were shared on Twitter, a surprised fan wrote: ‘When you go for a swim in Vico and meet Harry Styles.’

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According to Goss, Bono’s 30-year-old daughter Eve Hewson joined Harry and his girlfriend Olivia on their date. On Monday, the happy pair was seen wandering about Dublin’s city center and eating at SOLE Seafood & Grill. A day before Harry is scheduled to perform at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium for his sole Love On Tour event in Ireland on Wednesday, he had a low-key outing.

After a succession of “mesmerizing” performances, Harry has recently been compared to late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Niall Horan was in the audience for his Love On Tour show in London on Sunday, and he was joined by a host of other One Direction stars. Harry delighted his fans with a great performance, while Niall captivated those in the corporate box. There were some comparisons to Freddie Mercury before his death in 1991, who was renowned for his extravagant stage shows.

A reference to Freddie Mercury’s most famous show at Live Aid in 1985, where the singer had an unforgettable back-and-forth with the crowd, was made by many in attendance as Harry had his own “Freddie Mercury moment.” Shared by fans, a video of him imitating Freddie’s famous moment at Live Aid was shown, with people singing back to him in the same way that they did with Freddie at Live Aid.


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Harry’s spectacular rise as a solo pop singer has some admirers believing that he has surpassed the stardom of his former boyband One Direction and is now even greater. It wasn’t just the footage that revealed what happened at the time: ‘He was having his “Freddie Mercury at Live Aid” moment, with the whole of Wembley Stadium in his hands and singing back the work he had written.” He was visibly moved; it was easy to tell.

‘I have been fortunate enough to have lived long enough to see both Freddie and Harry,’ said another. ‘ I believe Harry would never compare himself to Freddie. Both of them have a knack of drawing in an audience and keeping us on our toes to see what will happen next.’ Niall, a former member of the band, was among those in attendance who were impressed. At Wembley Stadium, the Irish singer was seen bouncing and bopping along while his companion screamed out What Makes You Beautiful in 2011 as part of the show.

As he watched Harry perform in front of 80,000 people, the 28-year-old brought along his lovely girlfriend, Amelia Woolley, for company. Harry’s family was seated in the same box as the happy couple, who were spotted mingling with them. In addition to performing, Harry has collaborated with Gucci to produce a ‘1970s pop boho’ new capsule collection for the legendary Italian fashion label.


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Fashion designer Alessandro Michele and the 28-year-old musician and actor collaborated to develop a new range of clothing, which premiered in Milan and will be available in stores in October. In collaboration with Harry, Alessandro Michele, and Gucci, the design of the collection was produced.

It’s been a collaborative effort between the vocalist of As It Was and an Italian fashion designer to create a collection of suits that is equal parts manly and elegant. Among the 25-piece collection are pants, shirts, and coats, as well as various other accessories. Harry and Olivia have been dating for more than a year after meeting on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, a film she directed, where they first started dating.

The Sun has reported that Harry, who has previously dated a bevy of famous women, had never been so committed to anyone before. This started out as something of a showbiz hookup, but now it’s clear it’s much more. ‘, stated a source close to the situation. ‘At first, they were a little hesitant, but now that things have calmed down, it was time to go on.’

Olivia has two young kids, Otis, who is eight, and Daisy, who is five, with her ex-fiance, the Ted Lasso actor Jason Sudeikis. The two are about to fight over who gets to keep the kids. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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