Jessica Reed Kraus Claims Johnny Depp Phoned Her Before Defamation Trial To Talk ‘Journalistic Ethics’

Throughout the trial of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard, Jessica Reed Kraus kept her followers updated on the proceedings through Instagram.

Kraus, who was in the courtroom in Fairfax County, Virginia, offered daily updates to her hundreds of thousands of followers with an unapologetically pro-Depp attitude. Because of her enthusiastic endorsement of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, @houseinhabit has grown to a following of just around 1 million people.

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According to Socialblade’s tracking of social media analytics, this figure more than quadrupled throughout the trial period.

Kraus claimed on Tuesday that she had talked to Depp before the trial began. His “musings on the demise of journalistic ethics” and his admiration for her work were expressed in an hour-and-a-half-long talk, Kraus said in a Substack post.

When I tell him that I don’t know him, his response is, ‘But I trust you because of the language you use and the beauty in your work,'” According to Kraus, Depp said this: “Rolling Stone’s story that shattered his reputation and wrecked his faith in the media is mentioned just briefly. Not yet recovered from the treachery.” Depp’s legal and financial woes were detailed in a widely read 2018 piece for which he was interviewed.

Depp’s “tendency to trust the wrong people, and the difficulties it’s caused him at different moments throughout his life” was also discussed by Kraus, according to Kraus’s report.


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“An old buddy of Johnny’s,” Kraus said on Substack, is how she met Depp. She met him on Instagram. During the trial, Kraus and the friend, whom she refused to identify, met in person and spent time together. She would listen in on Depp’s FaceTime conversations with his buddies from time to time.

Kraus shared a hotel room with Depp’s legal team throughout the trial. The lawyer for Johnny Depp, Benjamin Chew, wore shorts and a Hollywood Vampires T-shirt in the hotel elevator at one point.

Kraus told Insider that she met Depp and took a photo of him at a cocktail reception hosted at the hotel after he testified. The authenticity of Kraus’ picture was verified by a close friend of Depp.

Kraus said that Depp didn’t comprehend how much attention the trial was getting at the time.

Kraus said, “He’s very naïve.” It wasn’t until those phone calls that he realized that every aspect of the trial had gone viral. He has no social media presence.”

Kraus Claimed Celebrities Phoned Depp Throughout His Trial

Chew and another of Depp’s lawyers, Camille Vasquez, have talked to media outlets since the June verdict. Heard told NBC’s “Today” co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, that additional evidence may have persuaded the jury in her favor.

Kraus and Depp discussed Hunter S. Thompson and David Foster Wallace in a 90-minute session before the trial, she wrote. He informed her he used a typewriter and detailed “a revolution to bury our mobile phones and computers,” she wrote.

Jessica Reed Kraus Claims Johnny Depp

Kraus said she spent the trial with Depp’s “old pal.” She observed Depp receiving calls from celebs as the case proceeded.

Kraus is spending six weeks with his pal and listening to their FaceTimes. “All the celebrity phone calls made him seem like an ordinary man, which was a nice aspect. Everyone treats him as a buddy.”

Kraus and Depp didn’t talk again until the cocktail party after closing arguments, she recalled. She wrote that Depp wasn’t “trying to build a tale” He complimented her “for carving it with meaning,” unlike media agencies that “failed him so many times,” Kraus wrote. Kraus refused to offer specifics beyond her Substack essay.

People close to Depp have backed his version of events online before. Adam Waldman, an attorney representing Depp, said in a trial deposition that he had talked with “internet journalists” such as ThatUmbrellaGuy, who has criticised Heard online.

Depp v. Heard Isn’t The First Trial Kraus Has Covered

As a social media influencer, Kraus has established herself as a go-to source for news and current affairs. While in New York for the trial in November and December of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial, she awoke before dawn each day in order to be the first person in line and get a seat in the courtroom.

The Britney Spears conservatorship struggle, the death of Gabby Petito, and the controversy surrounding the British royal family have all been covered in great depth by her over the years.

She’s also not afraid to speak her mind, which has been unapologetically pro-Depp in the Johnny Depp trial. Heard has been accused of “undermining sexual and domestic violence” and “making a joke of the Me Too movement” in her Instagram pictures, which she has referred to as a “fake wine bottle rape.” Her role as “a main motivator of the anti-Heard narrative line” was reported by New York magazine.

Depp and Heard were both convicted guilty of defamation of character, although the jury’s finding was highly skewed in Depp’s favor.

She tries to be as candid as possible with her followers about her information-gathering procedure. Much of Kraus’s knowledge came through trial evidence and Instagram DMs. She sometimes heard from persons who, based on images or messages, had direct participation in the trial. Other information was “rumor.”

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Nobody calculated. This narrative unfolded spontaneously after I launched my website “”Kraus” “But the rumour corroborated the proof. People who knew them directly affected my perspective.”

Kraus and Depp went to London after the trial. Kraus’s travel to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was planned. She was at a bar when the judgment came in.

She attended Depp’s London gig with Jeff Beck. Depp’s pal invited him. Kraus watched from the crowd, but they never spoke again.

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