Jon Cooper: America Would Be a Lot Safer Without Fox News (Latest Update)

 In one of his most recent tweets today Jon Cooper has stated that “America would be a lot safer without Fox News”. In a previous tweet, he had also claimed that Fox is not a news organization- rather it comprises hypocritical people carrying out deceitful propaganda and thus are traitors to America.

Heat towards Fox News network is not a new incident. Fox News shares the republican viewpoints and holds a much more conservative, and thus controversial take on the day’s news. The views of Jon Cooper, a Democrat, in this regard are nothing new.

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 More About Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper is an American politician born on 15th October 1956 in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and is the mayor of Nashville in Tennessee. He is a Democrat and has been a serving member of the Metropolitan Council for Nashville and Davidson County as a councilman from 2015 up to 2019.

Jon Cooper

Cooper had previously reversed an executive order compiled by his predeceasing mayor David Briley which discouraged cooperation from the locals with federal immigration authorities. The order also encouraged the repeal of such state laws that could be regarded as anti-sanctuary laws. In a statement, Cooper had said,Nashville cannot and will not be a sanctuary city”.

Jon Cooper’s Take on Fox News

Fox News has been known to play to the needs of the Republicans and Jon Cooper’s tweets are against that. Misinformation and propaganda have been the tools of Fox News and have served as quite an efficient means to get such a word to the people.

Fox News has been known to make various outrageous comments or carry out such discussions as “If Blacks Ever Get Guns” or that Jill Biden should be named surgeon general.

Jon Cooper’s tweet comes as a refreshing reminder about the veils of media and how it can propagate hatred among people. The Democratic Party politician put forward his views with regard to this and claims that America would do much better without the effects of such harmful newsmaking.

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His tweet has garnered quite a lot of support from his followers and supporters. The tweet has received a considerable number of retweets since it was put up on Twitter. The tweet has also received some backlash from the Republican community who are akin to the conservative ways of Fox News. The liberal population, however, has taken to the tweet very graciously and are the ones who had majorly retweeted it.

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