Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall Are Getting a Divorce

As per the exclusive reports of The New York Times, media mogul Rupert Murdoch is going to have his fourth divorce from his wife Jerry Hall.

This divorce is not going to have any sort of impact on Mr. Murdoch’s huge empire but there might be little to no alterations in the leading companies like Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.

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Divorce of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

The couple did not officially announce the divorce but two very close sources to them revealed this decision. This news was provided anonymously since it was a personal matter that is not supposed to be addressed by anyone else other than the Murdoch and Hall couple in detail. 

Murdoch and Hall’s separation news was a surprise for many. It was Ms. Hall who conveyed this sad news to some of the people close to Murdoch.

Married Life of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

 In March 2016, the couple had a very lavish wedding. The former supermodel and the business mogul had a very private ceremony at a grand centuries-old mansion that is located in central London. Mr. Murdoch was more than just happy to marry the woman he loved. He announced the news about the happy reunion on his Twitter and claimed that he isthe luckiest and happiest man in the world”. 

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

Ms. Hall who is 65 and Murdoch, the 91-year-old man have been regularly appearing on his rival tabloids since then. The couple was always spotted smiling and being happy with each other. Be it a visit to a football stadium or a luxurious black-tie opening, they were so in love.

Mr. Murdoch had his 90th birthday party at the upscale Tavern on the Green. Ms. Hall was there by his side and the celebration was further amplified by the presence of the top names from sports, politics, and business industries. But it seems like the happy reality came to an end.

Will It Affect The Business Structure Of Murdoch’s Million-Dollar Companies?

There will be no alteration in the “ownership structure of businesses” and the media giant will be having the same stakes in its businesses like Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. As a matter of fact, the shares are strictly managed under the trust.

Thus, the voting rights had split the voting rights among the four oldest children namely Lachlan, James, Elisabeth, and Prudence. He has ensured that the legal arrangements are done in a way that his family can never outvote him. 

Mr. Murdoch’s Previous Marriages

Murdoch was married a couple of times as you all know. His first marriage was with Patricia Booker. He married the Australian model but soon divorced her in 1965. But his longest relationship was with a newspaper reporter, Anna whom he was married till 1999.

The relationship lasted for three long decades. Then Wendi Deng, an investor, and entrepreneur. The ex-couple was together till 2014 before getting divorced. It was then that Murdoch fell head over heels in love with Hall.

But his marriage with Ms. Hall was deemed to be happy and healthy. The sudden change in instances really didn’t add up to the happy lifestyle of the couple. The issues that led to the separation of the couple are not discussed yet.

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Neither of the parties has addressed the situation. It can be said that the relationship had to face the test of time before making this hard decision. The couple is soon expected to confirm this sad news and the discussion about settlement fees or anything are yet to be revealed. The media is now just awaiting the confirmation. 

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