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Kiss Sixth Sense Weekly Episode Schedule, Plot, K-Drama Popularity, Ratings And Cast

Kiss Sixth Sense Weekly Episode Schedule, Plot, K-Drama Popularity, Ratings, Upcoming Episodes

Kiss Sixth Sense has become a sensational K-Drama that is based on the major hit, Gatnyeo’s Naver webtoon. Director Nam Ki-hoon has excelled with his work in Kiss Sixth Sense and writer Jeon Yu-ri has made the vision come to life by penning down the wonderful script.

The show has received massive ratings since its release and It is still streaming. So, here are all the updates regarding the popular South Korean drama, Kiss Sixth Sense.

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Kiss Sixth Sense Weekly Episode Schedule & Upcoming Episodes

The series was officially released on May 25th, 2022. It is dropping episodes every Wednesday. On the day of its premiere, the show released two episodes. Since then, Kiss Sixth Sense has been releasing two episodes every Wednesday. This season will consist of 12 episodes in total. As of now, 10 episodes have already been released.

 The last two episodes are going to be the upcoming finale episodes and conclude the season. The episodes are going to drop on the same day. On 29th June 2022, the fans will be able to watch the finale episodes and this will be wrapped up.

Where to Watch Kiss Sixth Sense?

The series is exclusively available to stream on Disney+. In other countries, the fans can watch all the episodes of this k-drama on the OTT platforms that partnered with Disney+. 

Kiss Sixth Sense K-Drama Popularity & Ratings

The series was one of the most-awaited series and on its release, it garnered massive ratings. On top rating platforms, the show has received a positive rating. The popularity of this k-drama has spread worldwide.

The amazing acting and storyline became a complete package. Thus, Kiss Sixth Sense got 8.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDb, 8.4 Ratings on 10 on My Drama List, and 4 stars out of 5 from NME. These ratings are given by over thousands of dedicated audiences.

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All the episodes except for two have ratings above 9 and two of the major episodes got 9.7 ratings. This season of the series has been a huge success and fans are going to be glued to screens for the final two upcoming episodes.

Kiss Sixth Sense Plot

All it takes is a kiss to see the future of someone. It has a very unique plot that you have never seen or heard of before. Hong Ye-sool has the ability to see the future whenever she kisses someone. Hong is an overworked employee working at a high-esteem marketing firm. She is the best account executive and soon going to be promoted to project manager.

Once the character said, How unfortunate I am to be able to see someone else’s future. What a cursed ability,” “Whenever I kissed someone I loved, I wasn’t in their future.”

However, one day, she accidentally kissed the lips of her team chief, Min Hoo, and got a vision of her “in bed with him”. This left Ye-sool utterly confused and to make things worse, his ex, Pil joins to be working with her on a new project. He pursues Ye-sool to go on a date with him as many as three times and this leads to a love triangle. The best thing about Kiss Sixth Sense is its hilarious plot. This is a romantic comedy and audiences loved it.

Kiss Sixth Sense Cast

With prolific actors depicting their roles to perfection, Kiss Sixth Sense has become a masterpiece. These are the actors that helped in making it the success it is today.

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