Preserving Your Phone’s Battery Life: When’s The Right Time to Charge it?

Why is your phone’s battery life getting progressively worse as the months roll by? Does it have anything to do with how often you charge it? Does your phone brand determine the quality of your battery life?

A phone gone dead on a busy day is perhaps our biggest nightmare. To avoid it, we tend to keep our phones in charging mode constantly. However, a full charge does not bode well for device health!

Most phone batteries last up to anywhere between 500 to 1000 charges which roughly equates to three to five years of overall life. After that, the degradation in your phone’s performance is way more noticeable.

Should I wait for it to drain completely, or is it perfectly okay to charge if it’s just hit the 50% mark? Well, we’re guessing it all depends on what you’ll be needing your phone for and it’s level of importance. It’s one thing if you’re simply browsing anonymously and playing for free at no-deposit casinos.

But it’s quite a different story if you’ll be taking an important call from your boss or intend to join a scheduled zoom meeting with your team.

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This might force you to think about how you can preserve your phone’s battery life if you cannot restore it completely. There are a few tips you should remember when charging your device so that you won’t panic when you see your phone hanging onto the last battery percentage.

Why Is My Phone’s Battery Dying Too Quickly?

Contrary to our belief, every successive charge reduces the device’s life cycle. Phones are designed to endure a certain number of charging cycles. It is because smartphones are powered by batteries with lithium ions, which move from one electrode to the next, during the charging process.

The constant movement of ions stresses the electrodes, thus degrading battery life and performance. Besides frequent charging cycles, exposure to heat, device age, and unhealthy charging habits drastically impact the device’s battery health. Reading the following tips will help you preserve your phone’s battery life!

The Golden Percentage Range

There’s a ‘right’ time to charge your device. The golden rule of battery care is to maintain a Goldilocks balance- not more, not less, but just right. Top up your battery anywhere between 60 to 90%, and you’re good!

Preserving Your Phone’s Battery Life When’s The Right Time to Charge it
Preserving Your Phone’s Battery Life When’s The Right Time to Charge it

Another step is to eschew charging your phone after it is down to a single-digit percentage or has gone dead. Ideally, you should charge the battery when it is below 50%. Try setting a reminder for the same.

Steer Clear of Heat

Heat is the foremost adversary of your smartphone’s battery. Even smartphone manufacturers tell customers to avoid heat above a certain threshold, albeit vaguely.

Prolonged exposure to heat reduces your device’s longevity. Overheating depends on multiple factors such as alignment, interference, and how sophisticated is the charging base. Soaring temperatures seem more common when you are topping up from a wireless charger or are using the phone while it is charging.

A simple solution to heat is to avoid plugging in the phone too frequently and leaving it idle during the top-up. And for that to happen, you need to cut back on your screen time. Keeping the battery above a mean of 50 percent and not using it unnecessarily will prevent your phone from heating up.

Do Not Top-Up After 100%

We tend to leave our devices on charging mode overnight in hopes of looking at a glowing 100% when we wake up. While it might seem convenient, charging your phone overnight beyond the limit is risky for device health.

Experts recommend not charging your phone after it has crossed 100%. Overnight charging guarantees that you will miss the recommended 80% benchmark percentage in favor of achieving the maximum level. Greed and ignorance are no ideal habits when it comes to maintaining battery percentage.

Key Tips To Remember

Excessive wear and tear and the temptation to look at a full battery bar are counterproductive to preserving your phone’s overall performance. Battery drainage is a common problem that smartphone owners confront.

Thus, it is useful to remember that usage, frequency of charging cycles and steering clear of bad charging habits will impact your device’s performance over time. Adopting better charging routines will help you preserve the phone’s battery health.

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