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How Much is Julie Andrews’s Net Worth in 2022?

How much is Julie Andrews's Net Worth in 2022

How much is Julie Andrews's Net Worth in 2022

An English actress who is a melodious singer and avid dancer, Julie Andrews is an icon. The legacy that the star created surpasses Julie Andrews’s net worth. Andrews started her acting career at a young age and she first debuted in stage productions.

Julie Andrews’s net worth and fame came into her life after she was the lead in “Mary Poppins”. This film made her a legendary star and an indispensable name in the industry. Today, she is one of the leading actresses and Julie Andrews’s net worth has evolved into an impressive number.

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Julie Andrews Early Life

On 1st October 1935, Julia Elizabeth Wells was born in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England. Ted Wells was known to be her father but later it was revealed that Julie’s mother had a secret affair with one of her closest family friends. He was the real father of Julie. The truth was disclosed to her in 1950 and she shared it with the world in her 2008 autobiography. 

After the divorce of her parents in the midst of the Second World War, Julie was staying with Ted Well. However, in 1940, Ted sent her to spend her life with her mother. Julie Andrews’s net worth in 2022 could have saved her family back then since her mother married again and they were living in poverty. The stepfather was nothing but a violet drunk man who even tried to sexually assault Julie multiple times. 

In spite of the family drama, Julie was getting exposure in the local theater scene. Julie Andrews’s net worth may not have been adequate to support her dreams back then but her parents did enroll her in acting classes. She was a regular at an independent arts education school and a popular British soprano singer trained her for perfecting her voice training sessions.

Julie Andrews Career

Julie’s first performance was for the theatre and her parents also acted alongside her in many. Julie’s stepfather made her meet Val Parnell, who is a high-profile entrepreneur with a major hold in the industry. This opened doors of opportunities and Julie Andrews’s net worth was also destined to be high.

Her first solo professional performance was held in 1947 at the prestigious London Hippodrome. She quickly became successful and got the opportunity to showcase her talent in a live performance in front of the royals, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Having experience as a voice actor, she voiced Princess Zeila for the film, “The Singing Princess”.

Her talent was soon recognized by the world and she appeared on many talk shows from the 50s to 60s. But her 1963’s “Mary Poppins” film made her a legend. Walt Disney personally wanted to have Andrews in the lead and that did turn out to be the ultimate box office success. Julie won Oscars for this film.

By now, Julie Andrews’s net worth was unquestionably high. Soon after the success of “Mary Poppins”, she was again in “The Sound of Music” (1965). Another major box-office hit that became a cult classic, Julia won a Golden Globe as well as an Academy Award nomination. Julie’s career took off and “Victor/Victoria” (1982) was another commercial hit. 

Andrews Broadway’s stage comeback after three decades was in 1995. After touring the globe and winning a Tony Award nomination, she became a legend. But soon she had to quit stage after surgically operating on her throat nodules. It led to permanent damage to her voice. This happened as her doctors misled her and she later sued them.

She moved forward and returned with the 2001 film “The Princess Diaries” along with Anne Hathaway. Since then she voiced Queen Lillian in “Shrek 2” and all other spin-offs. The star was also Marlena Gru in “Despicable Me”. Julie Andrews’s net worth will not be stopping from expanding anytime soon since she has several projects in her hand.

Julie Andrews’s Personal Life

The icon married a set designer named Tony Walton in 1959. But after having a child with him, they divorced in 1967. She then married Blake Edward in 1969 and he was her soulmate. The couple adopted two Vietnamese daughters and they stayed married until the day of 2010 when Edward died.

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Julie Andrews’s Net Worth & Real Estate

Julie Andrews’s net worth is $30 million. She sold her Brentwood home that she shared with her husband in 2012. Her current whereabouts and real estate details are not available. But Julie Andrews’s net worth will allow her to buy any property she wants to have.

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