Is Bill Maher Gay? He Says the Rise of LGBTQ May Be a Trend

HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher drew a line in the sand with his “New Rules” editorial on the emergence of the LGBTQ community. According to polls, the number of people claiming to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) has increased at an exponential rate. Adults used to naively inquire about the career goals of young children. Maher joked, “They meant what occupation.”

According to an ACLU report, the debate over abortion rights has a greater impact on LGBTQ individuals than on so-called “Breeders.” While agreeing that everyone should always be careful to respect and protect others, he said, “Someone needs to say it: not everything is about you. It’s okay to ask questions about something very new,” and then turned to the trend of giving hormone blockers to young kids.

“We’re literally experimenting on children,” Maher claimed, adding that we don’t know about the long-term effects of that, “but logic tells you there’s going to be problems,” citing bone density and fertility, among other issues. “It’s not a lifestyle decision,” he added.

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Maher said that the Grand Marshalls of the New York City Pride Parade will not be gay males. “That’s where we are now – gay men are not hip enough for a Gay Pride parade.” He added, “Gay is practically CIS, and CIS is practically Mormon.”

He tried to make the case that polls indicating a rise in the LGBTQ community is trendy, saying “teens know ‘The Prime Directive’ is anything to shock and challenge the squares who brought you up. It’s why nobody gets a nose ring at 56.”

According to him, youngsters are being used in the culture wars by giving in to calls for hormone blockers and genital surgery. “If you are a man who wants to experience life without a pair of balls, you can get married,” he noted.

“Never forget children are impressionable and very, very stupid,” Maher said. “A boy who thinks he’s a girl may be just gay, or whatever “Frazier” was,” he said, adding that being a girl doesn’t mean you have to act like a Kardashian. And maybe, if life makes you sad, “There are other solutions than hand me the dick saw.”

Is Bill Maher Gay?
Is Bill Maher Gay?

“I understand that being trans is different, it’s innate,” Maher said. “But kids do have phases. Kids are fluid about everything. If they know at age 8 what they wanted to be, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses.” He recalled, “I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God no one scheduled me for eye removal and peg leg surgery.”

Mark Esper, the former secretary of defense, has a new book, A Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense During Extraordinary Times, which Maher discussed earlier.

Trump eventually fired Esper, who had to persuade the former president not to order the use of military force against demonstrators outside the White House.

If Trump runs for president and loses, and then runs again, where would the military stand? When asked by Maher, Esper stated the military would support the American people and against any coup.


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On the contrary, Maher mocked Esper’s argument that the $800 billion US defense budget was inadequate, as he claimed in the book, and brought his feet to the fire when he questioned whether he had compromised in his job.

The question of who Esper would vote for in a 2024 presidential campaign between Trump and “any Democrat” left Esper scurrying as well. He allowed he wouldn’t vote for Trump, but added, “If Joe Biden continues to be pulled to the left, I can’t vote for him, either.”

Donna Brazile, a veteran Democratic operative, and Adam Carolla, a podcaster, were on the panel. Brazile brought up the government’s argument that white supremacy is the greatest threat to the country, a notion that Carolla called “full of shit.” Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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