Who Is Taraji P. Henson Dating? Henson’s Relationship Timeline

When Taraji P. Henson was cast in Baby Boy, her fame exploded. She went on to play a wide variety of parts throughout her acting career and was well praised for each one. Her parts in The Karate Kid remake and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will remain long in our memories. In addition to his film roles, Jim Henson has acted in a slew of television roles. Empire, which aired on Fox through 2020, included her as a character.

In addition, she has been featured in television shows such as CSI and Sister. One of the best-known performers in the business because of her dedication to her craft and work ethic. Taraji Penda Henson was born in Washington, D.C., on September 11, 1970. Henson was born in New York City to Bernice and Boris Lawrence.

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In this article, we will talk about Taraji P Henson Dating as there are lot of rumors coming about Taraji P Henson dating, so we will closely look at the facts behind the same.

Shawn and April are her other two siblings. The impact of Henson’s maternal grandmother on her personality is a recurring theme in her work. She originally intended to major in electrical engineering at Howard University, but she changed her mind and is now a theatre major. She worked as a secretary at the Pentagon in order to pay for her college education. At night, Henson worked as a waiter on dinner cruises. In addition to her acting work, Henson is a vocal advocate for problems related to adolescent mental health.

A six-week curriculum called Unspoken Curriculum was been established by her lately. This initiative aims to encourage Black youngsters to freely discuss racial injustice in the classroom and mental health concerns. Edelman, a public relations agency, assisted in the creation of this campaign.

Taraji P Henson Dating Backstory

Marcell Johnson is Henson’s son with William Lamar Johnson. The high school sweethearts were in love. Henson had Marcell in college. Later, Henson said the relationship was abusive. 2003 was her biggest shock. Neighbors stabbed and killed William.

A light was shattered over his head after they argued. His wife stabbed him while he begged for aid on the ground. The pair admitted manslaughter but were punished lightly. This tragedy devastated Henson. Her kid was 9 at the time.

Henson mentioned this in Peaherof Mind With Taraji. She couldn’t explain the catastrophe to her kid. Marcell knew and challenged her. Her life was very miserable. When she first began performing.

Henson mentioned this in Peaherof Mind With Taraji. She couldn’t explain the catastrophe to her kid. Marcell knew and challenged her. Her life was very miserable. When she first began performing.

Taraji P Henson Dating Life

Henson dated Hill Harper in 2002. Harper was in CSI: NY and Limitless. They dated from 2003 to 2005. Hill said Henson was great on a podcast. Commitment difficulties triggered the separation. Taraji Henson allegedly dated Common in October 2005. Common is a singer, actor, and writer. 1994 Resurrection is his best-known album. Henson didn’t acknowledge dating Common until 2011.

Lamar Odom dated Taraji Henson in 2019. 2008 celebration introduced them. He admired Henson’s powerful personality and proposed. Their 2009 romance ended after he was rejected.
Taraji P Henson dating rumors also came out with Michael Ealy. 2 Fast 2 Furious and The Perfect Guy include Ealy. Drake, Tyrese, and Terence Howard were all rumored.

Henson denied the allegations. Henson began dating ex-NFL player Kelvin Hayden in 2015. She announced it in 2017 after nearly a year. Kelvin proposed on May 14, 2018; that they’re engaged. The couple planned a 2020 wedding. COVID ruined their plans. They planned an outdoor wedding. Henson announced their split in 2020. She suggested pushing things wouldn’t help. Taraji P Henson dating has always been in discussion.

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Is Taraji Henson Single Now?

It doesn’t seem like Taraji, now 51, is seeing anybody at the moment. Her love life has been a closely guarded secret. She likes to keep things under wraps until the right moment comes to reveal them. So it’s impossible to tell whether Henson is seeing anybody right now. We have nothing to do except wait for it to happen to us.

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