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Kevin Samuels Cause of Death: How Did The Controversial YouTuber Die?

Kevin Samuels’ cause of death became a matter of concern after the “controversial YouTuber ” suddenly passed away. Though he was a problematic public figure, his fans wanted to know the reason behind his untimely death.

In fact, there were mixed feelings coming from the audience when it was Kevin Samuels’ cause of death. As his rise to fame was by bringing down women of color, not many appreciate him. Whatever it was, Kevin Samuels’ cause of death was found to be suspicious when the news broke out.

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Who Was Kevin Samuels?

Samuels was known as a self-proclaimed “relationship guru” who had over 1.43 million subscribers. He used to post videos related to lifestyle, and also guided his viewers in improving the quality of their lives. The recent video that he posted a few days before his death was “Modern Women Are A Party of 1”. 

Samuels didn’t enjoy a good reputation amongst the audiences due to the misogynistic views that he openly shared through his channel. He used to pass derogatory comments about women of color. His initial rise to fame was when his December 2020 video, “You’re Average At Best” went viral. It had around 2.7 million views on the free streaming platform, YouTube.

Much before the audiences were speculating about Kevin Samuels’ cause of death, he made headlines in March 2021 by making some foul comments.  He stated that “high-value men cheat” and he claimed that women must be accepting this because it is the nature of every high-class man. Samuels claimed several times that “high-value men” need women to be “submissive” and “agreeable”.

More outrage sparked after he stated that women who have crossed 35 and are still unmarried are nothing more than “leftovers”. He mentioned how these women have “something likely wrong” in them and that’s why they “are what is left”.

The Sun reported that he had married twice and also got divorced.  But he has time and again mentioned not marrying anyone. In fact, the outlet claimed that Samuels won joint custody of his daughter. So, the mystery regarding Kevin Samuels’ cause of death has left the family amid many questions. The YouTube star has been the topic of discussion in many different outlets after his comments. And after his death, the truth was yet to be unveiled by the authorities.

Kevin Samuels’ Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

The lack of information surrounding Kevin Samuels’ cause of death has made matters worse. Even Beverly Samuels-Burch, his mother got the news about his son’s death through social media. She said to NBC News that the star learned about the news through the news.

His mother said, That was a terrible thing for social media to put that out. I didn’t even know. I hadn’t even been notified.” “All I’m doing is requesting that people pray for us.”

 Kevin Samuels’ cause of death is still unclear but The Atlanta Police Department confirmed that they received a call to attend to an injured person urgently on 5th May, Thursday. They went to the apartment and first responders even did CPR on the patient. However, the person didn’t respond and later was identified to be YouTuber Samuels. Kevin died on 5th May 2022 at just 56 years old.

The YouTuber was rushed for treatment to Piedmont Hospital where the doctors tried to determine Kevin Samuels’ cause of death. The details are yet to be revealed. It is heard that the funeral was held in Oklahoma City. Fans had a mixed reaction after hearing the death news. Some of the tweets were really against him.

One user said,All I can say about Kevin Samuels is if you spend your time disrespecting people in life, don’t be surprised at people disrespecting you in death. No matter how cruel it may be, the legacy you leave behind will be known by the fruit you bore while you were here.”

Another tweeted,Kevin Samuels was a menace. Nothing about his ideals actually made sense. His audience is made up of men that are so fragile in their masculinity that they think it’s a personality trait to degrade women… we’re not celebrating his death we’re just not mourning it.”

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The information revolving around Kevin Samuels’ cause of death is yet to be unfolded, but audiences are still waiting for the response.

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