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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth 2022 (Updated Today): Early Life, Career, Relationship & More

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth 2022 (Updated Today) Early Life, Career, Relationship & More

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth 2022 (Updated Today) Early Life, Career, Relationship & More

When it comes to celebrities in the current age, you can never leave out all the famous and popular Youtubers the world has seen in recent days. One of the more popular YouTubers with a huge following, Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is definitely a hot topic amongst youngsters. 

Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian Youtuber who has made a name for himself over the years and also earned a huge fan following from his works. He is a multi-millionaire Youtuber who has produced multiple videos over the years and has earned a good reputation with fans around the globe. He is most popular among the masses for the YouTube channel “NELK” which he co-founded and has been running successfully for quite some time now. 

Kyle Forgeard net worth is huge and all of it comes from the success he has gotten over the time for his works. He co-founded his channel NELK as a prank group. However, along with the group, Kyle Forgeard, the online personality has also been growing steadily since 2015. Apart from the YouTube channel, he is also known for his incorporation with Full Send Entertainment.

Kyle Forgeard Early Life

Kyle Forgeard was born in Canada on July 12, 1994, and was raised in Mississauga, Ontario to parents Rick and Gayle. He has a sister named Chantal and Kyle has been a creative personality since the very beginning. He did his schooling at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School and after graduation, he went on to attend Ryerson University for higher education. 

There he pursued filmmaking as a career and it was during this time he created the channel NELK along with twin friends Marko and Niko Martinovic. Kyle Forgeard net worth currently stands at a staggering value and he is a multi-millionaire now. But his journey started with a prank video of himself serenading ladies in the university lecture halls. He was still a student when he did this and eventually he went on to drop out of college and focus solely on his Youtube journey.

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Kyle Forgeard Career

The channel NELK was formed back in 2010 and ever since the very beginning, Kyle Forgeard and his friends focussed solely on making prank videos and vlogs. Most of their content was focused on the college culture that exists in North America. In his videos, one can see them pulling out different stunts and also videos on the party and hip lifestyle of the group.

kyle forgeard net worth

Much like most YouTube channels, NELK started out at a very slow pace and growth and it was only after five years that it started gaining real traction. The video that made NELK popular and viral was when Kyle Forgeard was seen pranking cops by claiming they have coke in his vehicle.

Since then, NELK as a channel has been getting exposure in the direction they have started out initially. Currently, the channel is pretty huge with over 7.25 million subscribers from around the globe. Along with the channel, we also see Kyle Forgeard net worth growing steadily over the years. 

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Kyle Forgeard Personal Life

Although we do have information on Kyle Forgeard net worth and his earnings, much has not been disclosed about his personal life. Going by the rumors, it suggests Kyle Forgeard is single at the moment. However, one of the rumors also hinted at him having veneers after a podcast with the very famous Mike Tyson. More than his private or personal life, his fans are interested to know Kyle Forgeard net worth.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth and Earnings

Kyle Forgeard net worth as of June 2022 stands at a huge $1.5 million. From the YouTube channel alone, Kyle and his friends earn about $100,000 each month as their videos get average views of over seven million per week. Although we see this huge Kyle Forgeard net worth, most people might not know that a lot of their videos have been demonetized by YouTube over the years.

Kyle Forgeard net worth doesn’t only come from the YouTube channel NELK. He and his team have built a successful direct-to-customer enterprise which not only added to the overall Kyle Forgeard net worth. This also led Kyle in the Forbes 30 under 30 lists. 

However, no matter how much Kyle Forgeard net worth is, he is still not the richest member of the Nelk channel. Stephen Deleonardis or SteveWillDoIt is the richest of them all and Stephen also has a separate Youtube channel which is booming.

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