Amanda Blake Cause Of Death: A Career Of Early Four Decades & How Did She Die?

Miss Kitty was the favorite of the audiences and the Western drama series changed the life of Amanda Blake. There was more than one reason to love Miss Kitty’s character. She was sassy, her raunchy chemistry with Matt Dillon made everyone want for more and there was no stopping her to become the fan’s favorite character. After more than 500 episodes, Blake retired. But what shocked audiences the most was Amanda Blake’s cause of death.

Even after her death, her popularity raised questions regarding Amanda Blake’s cause of death. It has been years since this Hollywood heartthrob died. In spite of that, fans are heavily invested in knowing the details of Amanda Blake’s cause of death.The year of 1929, Amanda Blake was born Beverly Louise Neil in Buffalo, New York. During the beginning of her career, Blake was a telephone operator.

She earned only $40 but soon changed her career path after she realized her lifelong dreams. Taking small steps at a time, Amanda started doing certain radio works and performances. She even attended the local women’s club for dramatic readings and to polish her skills.

Amanda Blake: A Career of Nearly Four Decades

Soon Amanda shifted to launch her dramatic acting career and debuted her stage performance. When she was performing summer stock in New England, MGM discovered the future star in her. They predicted that she will become the next Greer Garson who is an iconic 1940s star who won as many as five back-to-back Best Actress Oscar nominations.

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Amanda became a public figure in 1950 with MCM pictures’ “Stars in My Crown”. Soon she started getting major roles in Hollywood films like “Cattle Town in 1952” as well as the lead of Miss Robin Crusoe in Robinson Crusoe adventure film. 

Amanda Blake Cause Of Death
Amanda Blake Cause Of Death

However, the life-changing role for Amanda was that of Gunsmoke’s Miss Kitty Russell. The show continued for nineteen long years and when Miss Kitty chose to leave the show, the show got canceled the very next year. She did return after a short break with the TV movie, “Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge” and it is considered to be Amanda’s best last role.

She loved animals and as she retired, the star contributed her life to protecting animals. Amanda Blake’s cause of death was all over the news since she was one of the most respected actresses of all time.

Amanda Blake Cause of Death: How Did She Die?

The actress has died without knowing how much controversy Amanda Blake cause of death has led to. Amanda Blake died on 16th August 1989 when she was only 60 years old at the Mercy General Hospital located in Sacramento, California. When the primary reports were out, Amanda Blake cause of death was said to be oral cancer. She had to battle this deadly disease for years and it is said that she was a chain smoker.

In 1977, she underwent surgery to treat it. The star was even very vocal about it and made multiple appearances to represent the American Cancer Society. So, thinking oral cancer to be Amanda Blake’s cause of death was justified.

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But there was more to it. Dr. Lou Nishimura, Amanda’s trusted physician clarified that oral cancer “wasn’t the reason that she died,” and “there was no recurrence of cancer”. So, what was Amanda Blake cause of death? Was it something that the world didn’t know about? Well, upon further digging it was revealed that AIDS was Amanda Blake’s cause of death. “Technically she died of liver failure brought on by viral hepatitis, which was AIDS-related.”

No one even predicted that Amanda Blake cause of death would be AIDS. The legend found out about it a year before she died. She maintained full privacy. Her close friend Pat Derby said after her friend’s death, “Amanda just seemed to accept it. She wasn’t bitter, and she wasn’t angry. That was just the way she wanted it, and we respected it.” 

Amanda Blake cause of death was not known to a lot of her friends. It shocked them equally. Steven Stevens, Amanda’s agent said, “Her last line when she walked out my door was, ‘Get me a job. I want to do another job. I want to meet more people,” Up to the end, she wanted to pretend everything was okay.” It seems like Amanda was acting even in her real life, hiding her truth and pain. Now that the world knows Amanda Blake cause of death, it was heartbreaking as the legend didn’t deserve this.

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