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Vanna White’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Wheel of Fortune host?

Vanna White’s Net Worth How Rich is the Wheel of Fortune host

Vanna White’s Net Worth How Rich is the Wheel of Fortune host

Vanna White is a popular American television personality who is a model and an actress. Vanna White’s net worth came from being the hostess of the long-running puzzle-board turner game show, the “Wheel of Fortune”. Vanna White’s net worth is more compared to her co-host Pat Sajak solely because of her smart real estate investments. Vanna White’s net worth made her secure a luxury lifestyle for herself. Vanna White net worth is ever-changing due to her overall growth.

Vanna White Early Life

On 18th February 1957, Vanna Marie Rosich was born to the family of Joan and Miguel Rosich. But soon the parents got divorced when Vanna was just an infant. Later her mother married Herbert White Jr. and Vanna loved him dearly. That’s the reason Vanna decided to have his last name instead of her biological father.

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When young, she grew up in North Myrtle Beach and attended the North Myrtle Beach High School. She decided to be a fashion designer and took admitted to the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design.

However, it was during her college days only that Vanna decided to participate in Miss Georgia USA 1978. She didn’t win but it motivated her to shift to Los Angeles and make acting her career. Vanna White net worth was first implemented when she became a contestant on “The Price is Right”.

Vanna White Career

Vanna White net worth is not only from the game show but her roles in films like “Looker” (1981), “Graduation Day” and more. But luck was in her favor as she got the place as a substitute hostess on “Wheel of Fortune” in October 1982. Things were just going right for Vanna White’s net worth and career.

She was selected as the regular hostess for the show from December 13th, 1982. Vanna won the chance out of 200 women and has been in the show ever since then. She is continuing as the host of the show in 2022 as well.

Vanna White Net Worth

As of now, White made appearances in 6,700 new dresses. There were no repetitions, however, the wardrobes are the sole property of the show and White doesn’t get to keep any. This is because the dresses are by different designers who lend their exclusive dresses only for tapping purposes only. Undoubtedly, Vanna White’s net worth has nothing to do with this as it is all a part of the show. 

One of the honorary achievements of Vanna’s life is her Guinness World Record (24th May 2013) which she was awarded for clapping 3,480,864 times till 31st January 2013. That means the claps were calculated for 30 seasons.

Some of the television shows also contribute to Vanna White’s net worth. These are “Married with Children,” “The A-Team,” “Just Shoot Me,” and “The King of Queens”.

Vanna White’s Personal Life

Vanna White net worth didn’t come easy. She left North Myrtle Beach with only $1000. She had to model, do a job as a waitress, and more to make her way to the “Wheel of Fortune”.  Back in the 1980s, she was committed to John Gibson. They were engaged in the 80s but later Gibson died in a 1986 plane crash. It took time for Vanna to recover from the trauma.

However, in December 1990, she married George Santo Pietro who was a restaurant owner of a wealthy family. The couple had made two beautiful children. Son Nicholas was born in the year 1994 whereas daughter Giovanna was born in 1997. Later, the couple got divorced in November 2022. Currently, she is dating John Donaldson and plans on getting married soon.

A $1.8 million donation was made from Vanna White net worth to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and she continues to be involved in charities.

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Vanna White Net Worth Salary & Casino Licensing

Vanna White net worth is $85 million. She makes a salary of $10 million every year by working only 48 days per year. Besides, Vanna White net worth is due to her smart moves of licensing her images to the casino slot machines. From there, she earns a minimum of $15 million every year.

Vanna White Real Estate

Vanna White’s prosperities are magnificent. When she was married to George, she used to reside in an exclusive gated community, The Mulholland Estates. They even owned 15,000 square-foot house in another upscale Beverly Park gated community. 

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