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Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022: How Much Does He Earn From Mining Gold & Reality TV?

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022 How Much Does He Earn From Mining Gold & Reality TV

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022 How Much Does He Earn From Mining Gold & Reality TV

Parker Schnabel is a known face in the reality show industry. He is an American gold miner by the profession that is the main source of Parker Schnabel net worth. Apart from having a flourishing business as a gold miner, Parker Schnabel net worth also comes from his famous and long-running reality show “Gold Rush”. There was also a spinoff named “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail”. Today, Park Schnabel net worth is multiplying due to his gold mining business and he is one of the best-known businessmen in the industry. Here are more updates about Parker Schnabel net worth in 2022 and the lifestyle that he leads.

Parker Schnabel Early Life

Born and raised in Haines, Alaska on 22nd July 1994, Parker Russell Schnabel belonged to a simple family. Roger and Nancy Schnabel had another son named Payson. But Parker got involved in mining when he was just five years old.

Though this didn’t make Parker Schnabel net worth, he learned a lot of new things in the process that did help him in the future. Parker actively worked in his grandfather’s mining company named Big Nugget. As a matter of fact, Parker became an expert in operating heavy machinery very early in his age.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2022

Stardom came to Parker when he was in high school. Unlike other kids, Parker Schnabel net worth was high enough to give him stardom and fame. He was a part of the varsity basketball team. Since he is always an explorer and outdoorsman, Schnabel knew that he wanted to dig deeper into geology or mining by opting for these subjects during his college.

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In fact, Parker wanted to run his family’s mining business. So, after graduation, Parker started monitoring the daily operations. Soon his grandfather retired from checking on the day-to-day operations and Parker took his job.  

Parker was a born natural talent in regards to mining. He led an expert team of miners who were twice his age but his serious talent to find and identify gold earned him this position.  One decision that was considered to be controversial was that Parker moved to Yukon territory to discover new fortunes.

He didn’t go to college and instead, used the money from the college trust fund for this operation. This risk was unpredictable but that was the ultimate turning point of his career. It did surely help Parker Schnabel’s net worth in 2022.

Parker Schnabel Career

Already a gold miner, Parker first gained exposure when he became the subject of “Gold Rush Alaska” which premiered in 2010. This has been one of the main reasons for Parker Schnabel net worth. The miner was seen in some major episodes like helping miners at Porcupine Creek. In the fourth season, there was another controversial move when he decided to leave his family’s mine business and start on his own.

One of the notable moments that led to Parker Schnabel net worth is his discovery of a beautiful 1029 oz gold. Then he got the opportunity to star in “: The Gold Rush” which ran from 2012 to 2016.

After that, he produced and starred in “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” debuting in 2017. Unbelievable fact, Parker Schnabel’s net worth was already set by age 24 since he had mined more than $13 million dollars by then.

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Parker Schnabel Personal Life

Parker’s love life was also a part of the show. He dated Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse. She was seen in Parker’s reality show where the ladylove worked alongside him in Klondike. But things were not the same as the couple separated after two years. In 2019, rumors were there about Parker and Sheena Cowell who was an assistant producer of the show. However, as of now, he is single and not married to anyone.

In spite of Parker Schnabel net worth, he had been a subject of criticism. Fans were angry with Parker in 2017 because of his insensible Facebook announcement. He said about revealing his baby to the audience but there will be a plot twist. During the final reveal, fans will get to know that the baby was none other than a “fur baby” that is his new dog. It got him a huge amount of backlash that didn’t go right for him.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth & Real Estate

Parker Schnabel’s net worth in 2022 is an impressive $8 million. He keeps earning from his gold mining business. The gold miner also bought a mansion, his dream house. It is located in Alaska and the modern amenities that come with this place have a worth of over $950 thousand. He is still working on increasing the territories of his business. And if everything goes in the right direction, Parker Schnabel’s net worth can grow more.

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