FitDeck Net Worth: What Happened to Fit Deck After Shark Tank?

FitDeck is a California-based fitness product that was featured in Shark Tank in season 5, episode 15. The company has been in the public eye since then and FitDeck’s net worth is also growing enormously.

It presented a unique business model and some of the biggest names in the health industry turned out to be its competitor. FitDeck’s net worth in 2022 became this massive because of its appearance in the Shark Tank. But what is the status of the company today and how much is FitDeck’s net worth?

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What is FitDeck?

FitDeck is a thoughtful product in the fitness industry which is basically a set of playing cards. These cards have different exercises written on them. So, every time you will get a different activity that will be good for your health and body. FitDeck first came into existence in 2004 and it was founded by Phil Black. The head office is located in California. FitDeck’s net worth has helped the business to go a notch above. 

FitDeck Net Worth: What Happened to Fit Deck After Shark Tank?

Phil started the company after he graduated from Business School and Navy Seal. The founder is a fitness enthusiast who is an investment banker, motivational speaker, personal trainer, and of course, a self-made entrepreneur. His love for fitness made FitDeck’s net worth. 

FitDeck comes in a set of 40 exclusive cards. Each card has a different specialty and will provide you with tips regarding sports, nutrition, lifestyle, training, and more. There are also options of customizing the deck of playing cards to align the requirements according to the fitness routine of the individual.

With this deal, he was looking forward to designing custom deals for big corporations, and even sports teams. This was predicted to increase FitDeck’s net worth and Phil was in the right direction.

The Pitch of FitDeck on The Shark Tank

After presenting the product, Phil made the pitch. He asked for $300,000 for 20% equity in his company. FitDeck’s net worth was just in its initial stage and he needed guidance and funds for expanding the business. When he talks about investment, Roberts asks why was Phil seeking investment if he was making good profits.  To the question, Phil replied that he is investing the entire amount for R&D. 

Mark Cuban was not in for this business and he was out after claiming this to be the “most brutal business mode”. Even Kevin O’Leary didn’t want to be involved as he has doubts about valuation. Thus, he chose to be out. Similarly, Daymond John had seen potential risks with this business and made no deal. Robert Herjavec claimed this to be a risky and non-investable business and didn’t agree to put any money on it.

Things were dependent on Lori Greiner. She admired the idea but turned to the investment opportunity since it was a niche product. So, ultimately none of the sharks invested in this business.

FitDeck’s Net Worth: What Happened To The Business After Shark Tank?

FitDeck’s net worth is a whopping $4.3 million. Its appearance in the Shark Tank was great for FitDeck’s net worth. It peaked pretty high but the business didn’t turn out to be profitable. Excess money kept going into the business since the competition was hard and FitDeck was constantly striving to survive in this competitive market.

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The business started selling on Amazon apart from their own website. FitDeck’s net worth wasn’t getting Phil anywhere so he decided to set up his business. In 2014, Impulse, a popular manufacturer of different accessories acquired the company from Phil. But still, Phil didn’t give up and launched Prep Well Academy which the audiences have also seen in Shark Tank Season 11. Phil’s enthusiasm and love of fitness are commendable. Today, FitDeck’s net worth has grown after the acquisition.

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