Maya Rudolph Divorce Rumors: Is It True?

You may have seen the news about Maya Rudolph divorce all over the internet. It truly did shock fans as Maya is an actress who is known for her comedic skills. But why did Maya Rudolph divorce news suddenly pop up in all the top outlets? She still seems to be happily in love and married to a super famous and long-term husband, Thomas Anderson. So, what’s the deal with Maya Rudolph divorce? Well, that’s not the case with Maya Rudolph’s divorce. She is still together with her loving husband. But her character is getting divorced in one of the most-anticipated series and here are the details

Maya Rudolph Gets Divorced In Loot

The Apple TV+ series, “Loot” drew inspiration from the billionaire Jeff Bezos’s family drama, his divorce to be specific. Maya Rudolph plays the role of Molly Novak who left behind her luxury lifestyle. You may ask why? Well because in the series, she found her husband is cheating on her. Well, that’s quite like how real-life Mackenzie Scott, the wife of Jeff Bezos walked away from her husband’s $87 billion fortune.

In short, Maya Rudolph divorce was in reel-life and not in real life. This is a hilarious comedy that shows not only the truth behind the recent billionaire divorces like that of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, and even that of Google founder. So, Maya Rudolph’s divorce in the series did generalize the overall situation of the wives of the billionaire husbands.

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The Official Trailer Of “Loot” Had Shown More About Maya Rudolph’s Divorce

The trailer of “Loot” dropped and it soon became trending on the internet. Mainly because Maya Rudolph divorce was highlighted in the trailer. The 2.37 minutes trailer shows the perfect life of Molly and her college sweetheart who later became her husband, Adam Scott. But her life just went upside down when she discovered her husband’s affair with another younger woman.

Maya Rudolph Divorce
Maya Rudolph Divorce

In a hilarious turn of events, Maya’s character asked her husband, “Was she even born, when we graduated college”!

However, even after the storm, the calm awaits. As the couple didn’t sign any prenup when they married each other, it means that Molly is now legally going to receive half of her husband’s fortune. Guess the amount? Well, it is a whopping $87 billion amount that she is going to receive from the nullification of the marriage.

Since rich people always find ways to evade taxes, Molly found out that her husband has a foundation in her name. So, what better way to lead a single life other than this? Molly decided to have a fresh start and take charge of that foundation. So to find out the truth about Maya Rudolph divorce in the series, you need to tune in. There are as many as ten episodes in this season and it will be airing on Apple +.

Maya Rudolph Marriage With Real-Life Husband Paul Thomas Anderson

Maya is gifted to make people laugh. As regards her love story, Maya met Anderson soon after the breakup with his former girlfriend, Fiona Apple. They started dating in 2001 and it has been all merry since then. Once The Guardian asked about how she met Anderson. To that, she replied, “No, it’s a sweet thing … Too personal. I don’t want to share it.” 

The couple never officially married each other but still, she calls Anderson, “husband”. They are together for two decades and love each other dearly. To date, they have four beautiful kids. 

Anderson is so deeply in love with Rudolph. He confessed that the film “Phantom Thread” is based on the couple’s relationship.  “I remember that I was very sick, just with the flu, and I looked up and my wife looked at me with the tenderness that made me think, ‘I wonder if she wants to keep me this way, maybe for a week or two.’

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I was watching the wrong movies when I was in bed, during this illness. I was watching Rebecca, The Story of Adele H., and Beauty and the Beast, and I started to think that maybe she was poisoning me. So that kernel of an idea, I had in my mind when I started working on writing something.” Though differences were there, they worked it through and that never led to Maya Rudolph divorce.

Rudolph said that the relationship stays healthy and happy because,  “I think, genuinely, as the effort to make an effort—[that’s] the most romantic gesture. Like, to be present,” “To show up every day is kind of the most romantic part because you can bail at any moment.”

So, yes Maya Rudolph divorce was never about to happen since she is still very much committed to her long-term boyfriend or you can say, husband.

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