Amber Heard Asks Court To Dismiss Verdict In Defamation Case Involving Johnny Depp

The lawyers for Amber Heard said that the $10 million verdicts given to her ex-husband Johnny Depp are not backed up by the evidence

Amber Heard is trying to appeal or change the June ruling in the high-profile defamation case she and Johnny Depp were involved in. Less than a month after Ms. Heard lost the defamation trial, her lawyers asked a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge on Friday to overturn the verdict against her or give her a new trial.

Ms. Heard’s defense team said that the award, which was worth more than $10 million, didn’t have enough explanation in a memorandum. They didn’t agree with Mr. Depp’s claim that Ms. Heard’s comments in an opinion piece made him lose his role in Pirates of the Caribbean. They also said that at least one juror had not been checked out by court staff as required.

Amber Heard Asks Court To Dismiss Verdict In Defamation Case Involving Johnny Depp
Amber Heard Asks Court To Dismiss Verdict In Defamation Case Involving Johnny Depp

From the beginning of April to the beginning of June, a six-week trial between the two stars centered on Mr. Depp’s claim that a 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post written by Ms. Heard slandered him. In the article, Ms. Heard talked about how she had become known for domestic violence and specifically mentioned the time two years earlier, in 2016, when she filed a temporary restraining order against Mr. Depp.

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In a split decision last month, a civil jury of seven people decided that Ms. Heard’s opinion piece about Mr. Depp was false and hurtful

The judge said that Ms. Heard had to pay Mr. Depp $15 million in punitive and compensatory damages. After it was found that one of Mr. Depp’s lawyers had slandered her, Ms. Heard was given $2 million in punitive damages.

In a long file released on Friday, the Aquaman actress’s lawyers pointed out several problems with the decision, such as weak legal reasoning, a jury that wasn’t carefully chosen, and damages that were too high

Ben Chew, the lawyer in charge of Mr. Depp’s legal team, told Courthouse News that the appeal was “what we expected, only longer and not more important.”

Mr. Depp sued The Sun in the UK for libel because the newspaper said that the actor beat his wife. He lost in court. A location manager for a movie is also suing him in Los Angeles, saying that the actor punched him.

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