Amber Heard To Sell Pricey Gift From Elon Musk To Pay Johnny Depp Following Trial

Amber Heard will have to sell a gift from Elon Musk that was very expensive if she wants to pay Johnny Depp back after she lost their defamation trial. Heard used to date the founder of Tesla and Space X, so the South African billionaire has given her many gifts.

A Tesla Model X car was one of these gifts. The electric car has 1,200 horsepower and can go 628 km on a single charge. Even though it’s a pretty big car, it can go from 0 to 100km/h in 2.1 seconds and can go as fast as 250km/h.

In the past, there was debate about whether she bought the car herself since she is an actress with money and could afford it, or if it was a gift from Musk. Since it is the version of the car that has everything, it costs about $130,000.

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In the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Heard, the judge said that an editorial Heard wrote for the Washington Post in 2018 did hurt Depp’s reputation.

Johnny Depp shows video of Amber Heard cheating with Elon Musk and James Franco
Johnny Depp shows video of Amber Heard cheating with Elon Musk and James Franco

The unanimous verdict came at the end of a seven-week trial in a Virginia courtroom, where dozens of witnesses and experts testified about whether Depp was abusive to Heard or Heard was abusive to Depp during their 15-month marriage.

Depp was given 15 million dollars in punitive damages, but that amount was later cut to 10.35 million dollars because of state law.

Heard won one part of her countersuit, in which she asked for $100 million and said Depp’s press agent slandered her by calling her abuse claims “a hoax” meant to cash in on the Me Too movement. She got $2 million.

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