Gavin Newsom Net Worth: How Rich Is The Governor Of California?

Gavin Newsom is the 40th governor of California who has been serving the state since 2019. The American politician is a Democrat who became the 40th governor of California. Gavin Newsom’s net worth came from his successful career even before he was a politician.

He is the founder of PlumpJack Winery, and Gavin Newsom’s net worth is also from hosting his show, “The Gavin Newsom Show” that ran on Current TV. But after becoming the Governor of California, what is his net worth? In this article, we are discussing Gavin Newsom’s net worth, how he entered politics, and more.

Gavin Newsom Early Life

Gavin Newsom was born to Getty Oil attorney Tessa and Judge Wilfred in 1967 in beautiful San Francisco, California. He got baptized and followed Irish Catholicism which was his father’s faith. Gavin Newsom’s net worth was not a matter to worry about when he was a child since his parents earned well.

The future governor attended the Ecole Notre Dame Des Victoires school which was a French-American bilingual institution. As he suffered from dyslexia, he had to take a transfer. He went to Redwood High School and actively participated in baseball and basketball. After that, he went to the prestigious Santa Clara University and graduated with a BS degree in his subject, political science in 1989. This led to the beginning of Gavin Newsom’s net worth.

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Gavin Newsom Career


Newsom always had an interest in politics but he started a business along with investors during the early years. In 1991, they launched PlumpJack Associates that has created PlumpJack Winery in 1992. The business was seeing success and Gavin Newsom’s net worth was also increasing.

Gavin Newsom Net Worth
Gavin Newsom Net Worth

It had over 700 employees. Newsom kept opening many other businesses like hotels, clothing stores, restaurants, and more from 1993 to 2000. He is the co-founder of as many as 11 businesses. By 2022, Newsom’s business holding got over $6.9 million in value.


In spite of Gavin Newsom net worth, he wanted to help people. That’s why he actively participated in Willie Brown’s 1995 campaign to run for San Francisco Mayor. Willie won and Newsom got a spot on the Parking and Traffic Commission. He soon climbed up the success ladder and became president.

Next, Newsom got appointed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1997 and then after getting elected, he had to serve a four-year term from 1998. Gavin Newsom net worth didn’t stop him from showing his ability to serve his people.

He was again re-elected in 2000 and 2002 for actively representing a second district. Newsom voiced for San Francisco municipal railway reform and provided unlimited support to the housing projects that had public-private partnerships.

One of the most successful accomplishments in his political career was when became the Supervisor of the “Care Not Cash” initiative. It was in regards to providing supportive housing, behavioral health services, drug treatment, and more.

Mayor of San Francisco

Gavin Newsom net worth came from his business’s shares were sold off when he got elected in 2003. Newsom became the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco. He was again re-elected in 2007.

During his time as a Mayor, Newsom made notable changes like making progress to legalize same-sex marriage. He even implemented universal health care by introducing Healthy San Francisco.

California Lieutenant Governor

In 2010, he won the position of lieutenant governor of California 2010. His work led to him getting re-elected in 2014 and Gavin Newsom’s net worth became quite significant.

Governor of California

In 2018 he won to become the governor of California and was sworn to the position in 2019. It was Newsom who removed the California death penalty. 

Gavin Newsom Personal Life

Newsom married Kimberly Guilfoyle who was a conservative legal commentator. They divorced in 2006. In the same year, Newsom found love with film director Jennifer Siebel and they got hitched in 2008.

Gavin Newsom net worth is high enough to give the love of his life all the luxuries. But after he became governor, he settled in the California Governor’s Mansion in downtown Sacramento as it is the residence of the governor.

However, there were problems in their relationship since rumors were there that Newsom had a secret affair with Ruby Rippeu-Toruk in 2007. She was the wife of Alex Toruk and this had led to their divorce.

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Gavin Newsom Net Worth & Real Estate

Gavin Newsom net worth is $20 million. He has devoted his life to the public and focused less on his initial life goal which was Gavin Newsom net worth. But still, he has managed to provide everything.

Gavin and Jennifer bought a $2.225 million home in Kentfield, California which they sold in August 2021. After he was elected to be the Governor, he bought the Sacramento house.

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