Jake McLean: Lauren Goodger’s Ex-Boyfriend Dies in Car Crash in Turkey Leaving Towie Star Yazmin Oukhellou Seriously Injured

Jake McLean, Lauren Goodger’s ex-boyfriend, died in a horror car crash in Turkey. His on-and-off girlfriend, Towie star Yasmin Oukhellou, was seriously hurt in the accident and is in the hospital. McLean, who dated Goodger when he was 33, is thought to have been driving the car when he lost control and crashed over a hill on Sunday, killing McLean and hurting Oukhellou.

Jake couldn’t be saved, even though first responders got there quickly. Yazmin, who is 28 and famous for being on the ITVBe show TOWIE, is getting treated for her injuries in a hospital in Turkey, it is said.

Horror  Car Crash

Car Crash
Car Crash

Oukhellou is in the intensive care unit because her health is very bad. No one knows if she knows that McLean died or not. After hearing about the reality TV star’s crash, her mother flew out to be by her side in the hospital.

Sources who talked to the newspaper said that Yazmin’s arm was “very seriously” hurt in the crash. Harry Derbidge, who is also on TOWIE, sent Oukhellou a message on Instagram wishing for her to get better quickly.

“Jake was driving when he lost control of the car and it went off a cliff,” a source told The Sun Online.

After going out with McLean for about a year, Oukhellou moved to Dubai to live with him.

“It’s a terrible tragedy and everyone has died. Everyone is shocked and hopes Yazmin gets better soon “MailOnline was told by a source.

A source says that Oukhellou knows that McLean has died, but this couldn’t be proven. One person who claims to be a close friend of McLean told MailOnline that Jake’s sudden death has left the pregnant mother of one “devastated.”

The Sun says that Jake recently met up with Yazmin in the tourist town of Bodrum, Turkey, while he was there on business.

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After the terrible car crash, the TOWIE team has been sending McLean and Oukhellou lots of kind words. From a show source: “We’re crossing our fingers and saying prayers that she gets better soon. It’s more than shocking; it’s terrible for everyone involved with the show. Jake and Yaz are both well-known in our circles, and even though he wasn’t a perfect person, this is just so sad. Everyone is taken aback.”

Another member of the cast said, “No one really knows what they were doing out there. We thought they had broken up, but he was apparently working on a business deal.”

Since Yazmin broke up with her long-term boyfriend James Lock in 2019, she has been on and off with McLean. The reality star wrote on Instagram in December 2021 that she was dating McLean.

“So, I finally told everyone on Instagram who my boyfriend is. How long have I been keeping it a secret?” she told me.

But in January, she posted on Instagram that they had broken up. Recently, it was said that she and Lock were back together after they had lunch together in Essex. Since she was going to be back on Towie later this year, the reality star went to the Dominican Republic to film last month.

Before they broke up in 2016, McLean and Goodger were together on and off for four years.McLean got three and a half years in prison for sneaking into a mother’s house in 2008 and beating her up before a group of people in masks ran in and stole things from the house.

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Reports say that McLean pretended to be a real estate agent to get into the building. Jake was 18 years old and part of a gang of six at the time. The other five members pushed their way into the house with fake guns and threatened to shoot anyone who yelled for help.

He may have only served half of his sentence because he did time for other crimes after he got his sentence. In 2018, he put up pictures of himself on Instagram with a leg tag.

Goodger met her ex-boyfriend on Twitter. In 2013, she said that she knew about McLean’s past, but she was still willing to supervise his wrongdoings.

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