Kate Bush Net worth (Updated 2022): How Much Rich Is The “Running Up That Hill” Singer?

Kate Bush is a famous English singer, musician, record producer, and songwriter who dominated the music industry for years. She was just 19 years old when the singer dropped her first-ever single, “Wuthering Heights”. Overnight, Kate Bush net worth had reached its highest as the song topped the U.K. charts. Recently, her famous song “Running Up That Hill” got new-found fame after getting featured in “Stranger Things 4”.

Kate Bush’s net worth and her legacy have become the talk of the industry after this sudden exposure. She was always considered to be a legend despite Kate Bush’s net worth because the singer is extremely talented. Many are still wondering what is Kate Bush’s net worth and how did the singer gain popularity? We have the details here.

Kate Bush Early Life

On 30th July 1958, Catherine Bush was welcomed into the family of Robert Bush and Hannah Daly in Bexleyheath, Kent, England. Her father who died in 2008 was a doctor whereas her mother who also passed away in 1992 was a staff nurse. Kate has Irish descent thanks to her mother’s side and also English ancestry due to her father’s side. Bush is the youngest child and her brothers are equally talented. Patrick is the eldest of all and he is a musician, artist, and producer. Whereas, John Bush is a visionary photographer.

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When she was a young child, she used to stay at a former farmhouse located in East Wickham. Her parents raised her as a Roman Catholic. She got her musical gifts from her dancer mother and pianist father. The star went to St Joseph’s Convent Grammar School alongside attending Goldsmiths College for Karate. As Kate Bush net worth was tight back then, her brother John took charge of her karate lessons. But her interest was in the entertainment industry. She learned interpretive dance from the talented Lindsay Kemp. So, Kate Bush net worth was built due to her constant struggle and hard work. She quit school to chase her dreams.

Kate Bush Net worth
Kate Bush Net worth

Kate Bush Career

Bush was into ballet and gymnastics and always wrote songs. During her teenage years, she recorded over 50 songs as demo songs. But she got her first opportunity after meeting Pink Floyd’s David. At only 16 years, she won her first record contract with the famous EMI Records. After the success of “Wuthering Heights” (1978), Kate Bush’s net worth encouraged her to continue making music. She was the first female singer who had a number 1 self-written track in the U.K. Her debut album was “The Kick Inside” and then the follow-up was named, “Lionheart”.

Just for a promotional basis, she toured and called it “The Tour of Life”. The singer chose to retire from touring when she was only 20 years old. However, this changed her outlook on music. Her next album was “Never for Ever” and then came “The Dreaming” (1982). To have full creative control, Kate decided to self-produce the project. Kate Bush net worth allowed her to work on things she loved. “Hounds of Love” (1985) was her fifth studio album that topped as UK’s fourth highest-selling album of that year.

Her single “Running Up That Hill” was in Billboard’s top 30 back then. In 2022, this single gained massive popularity after getting played on “Strangers Things Season 4”. It topped the Billboard charts in the UK and US alongside becoming the “Most Streamed Song” on Spotify all over the world. When her sixth album, “The Sensual World” was released, her guitarist Alan Murphy passed away. Amidst this difficult time, Kate worked on “Red Shoes,” her next album, and it got released in 1993.

Many other singles were released and her album, “Aerial” (2005) was the last project that received platinum status. There were many other albums and “50 Words For Snow” was the last that was released in 2011. Kate Bush’s net worth was high enough to let her make decisions according to her will.  She did get several awards including three Grammy nominations, thirteen Brit Awards nominations, honored with the high-esteem Ivor Novello Award, etc. Kate even had her first live concert series, “Before the Dawn” which was arranged after decades in March 2014. All the tickets got sold in just 15 minutes.

Kate Bush Personal Life

In 1978, Bush married Del Palmer who is a bassist and engineer. They were in a long-term relationship before getting married but the couple separated in 1993. Later she married Danny McIntosh in 1993 and they are the proud parents of the son Bertie.

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Kate Bush Net Worth & Salary

Kate Bush net worth is $60 million which means she is one of the richest artists currently living. Annually, she earns around $5 million which keeps adding up Kate Bush net worth. Her music career has been extremely successful and she did endorsements for brands like Seiko. Kate Bush net worth is still on the rise after her song had a massive recent breakout. 

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