Meghan King Dating Trevor Colhoun After Split From Ex-Cuffee Biden Owens?

Meghan King is in the news again and this time we are talking about Meghan King dating life and the recent updates on her life that we all have been waiting to hear. News about The Real Housewives of Orange County alum came in and it looks like she is moving on in her life after her breakup with Cuffe Biden Owns in 2021. The recent news about Meghan King dating is with Trevor Colhoun and it seems like the duo is totally inseparable in the long run.

There is a new man in Meghan King’s life and this time the start from Real Housewives of Orange County is dating the CEO of Trusted Provider Network, Trevor Calhoun. Trusted Provider Network is a digital platform for licensed behavioral health professionals and this news about Meghan King dating came in just a day before, on 3rd July. They have started following each other on Instagram and the romance is fully budding.

Who Is Trevor Calhoun?

Trevor Calhoun is a well-known name and apart from being the co-founder and CEO of Trusted Provider Network, he is also a descendant of John Deere, who was a blacksmith. He was the original inventor getting credited as the inventor of the steel plow. John Deere also founded and formed the Deere and Company, which is an agricultural and construction manufacturer company.

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Trevor Calhoun, 45, has two kids with his ex, just like Meghan King, and Trevor divorced his wife back in October of 2021. A lot of news sources have reached out to both trying to learn more about Meghan King dating but neither has shared any update about their relationship, however.

Meghan King Dating
Meghan King Dating


Meghan King’s Short-Lived Marriage With Cuffee Biden Owens

Back in February, TMZ first reported about Meghan King dating Trevor and it looks like the news is finally true. Meghan King shared three children with her second ex-husband Jim Edmons and after that, she had a short-lived marriage to Cuffe Biden Owens, who happens to be the nephew of the current US president Joe Biden.

In a recent podcast episode of Two T’s in a Pod, hosted by Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp, when asked about Meghan King’s dating status, she told, “I’m going on dates and stuff.” She went on to say, “I’m single again and it’s fun. I’m actually having fun with it. I’m not looking to settle down and like, have another baby, get married. I’m good.”

More about Meghan King’s Dating Life

We got more news about Meghan King’s dating life, while she spoke about her love life on the same podcast. She talked about her “whirlwind” marriage she had with Cuffe. She mentioned how they met on a dating app, got married a few months later, and finally ended up getting a divorce from Jim.

She said, “From start to finish with him, it was only three months.” She expressed how stupid it was of her to marry him. Plus, detailed the marriage with her ex and said, it was just stupid of me to marry him, but I did.”

In the month of March, on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lews Live, she said how Jim Cuffe “said all the right things and I and the families were a good, good fit.” She added, “And he seemed to grow up similarly to me and it was almost like an arranged marriage.”

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All about Meghan King’s dating and her previous husbands and lover is interesting and he said more about her love life in the past and present. She said, “I love falling in love, but you know what I like more than falling in love? I like the stable part.” According to her, the honeymoon phase and the first days of falling in love is great and fun but all she wants is stability and the right partner.

Now that she is madly in love with Trevor, she hasn’t yet talked about if she is going to marry Trevor or not. Meghan King’s dating life became a hot topic post her famous relationship. But will this end just like the previous one? Or is there more to Meghan King’s dating life? You need to stay tuned to find more.

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