Stranger Things Season 4 Budget 10 Times As Much As Other Netflix Shows

Stranger Things season 4 has been one of the biggest hits in OTT history. Imagine a series being so popular that it crashes the OTT giant like Netflix. The second part of Season 4 dropped on 1st July 2022 and the success is record-breaking. Before that, the first part was released on 27th May 2022. The overall production value totally hints at how much the crew must have spent in making this cult-favorite series. You may have already completed binge-watching the series. But did you leave me wondering how much the budget for this season? 

Even if a viewer watches the show for only a few minutes, they can apprehend the Stranger Things budget for season 4. To spill some secrets, Netflix just went all out with the budget and that did lead to the creation of such a masterpiece. So, what was Stranger Things’ budget? Well, we have the answers here.

Stranger Things Is A Big Budget Series

New reports have surfaced and more information regarding the budget is shocking the viewers. As per the reports that were published by the Wall Street Journal, Netflix has refrained from its cost-saving measures and set a huge Stranger Things budget to accomplish the goals.

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Can you guess how much the team spent per episode? Behold, as you will be shocked to hear this. Netflix has spent $30 million per episode for Stranger Things to make it successful. It’s undeniable that the Stranger Things budget made it possible for the creators to give life to their extraordinary vision.

Stranger Things Budget
Stranger Things Budget

To detail it more, if you consider the cost per episode for Virgin River, it is $3 million. So, for the Stranger Things budget, Netflix had spent 10 times more money every episode. Even when Bridgeton was launched, fans were loving the overall décor and the intricacy of the work in every episode.

But still, its budget wasn’t anything like the budget. Netflix did spend more than three times Virgin River’s budget to make Bridgeton. So, every Bridgeton episode cost $9 million. But still, the Stranger Things budget is winning in comparison to this. If you consider $30 million, it is a lot less than any other budget of any show.

Here is the list of some of the big-budget shows and films on Netflix:

  •     $10 million per episode for The Witches
  •     $13 million per episode for The Crown
  •     $116 million for The Adam Project
  •     $200 million for Red Notice

But none of it matched the budget. As a matter of fact, season 4 had nine episodes. That’s why the budget was a whopping $270 million. Can you imagine it? Even the final season of Game of Thrones had an estimated around $15 million per episode.

It seems like Netflix is leaving no stones unturned to make Stranger Things the biggest show in the history of the series.

What Are The Salaries Of The Cast

Of course, the salaries of the famous casts are included in the budget. There isn’t any need to say but still, Netflix is very particular about payments. The OTT giant does spend huge chunks of money to pay the artists that make the show worthy of watching.

The main leads of the show like David Harbour, your favorite Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven, and Winona Ryder get paid higher compared to the other cast members. They get around $350,000 per episode to create the magic for the show. The additional cast members such as Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, and others get paid around $250,000 every episode. So, millions of dollars of the budget are spent on the cast.

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Previously, there was news that Netflix’s shares did plunge by 35 percent. So, anticipations about budget-cutting and tightening the flow of money for future production are still there. Wall Street Journal states how Netflix is “lowering costs by reducing the number of episodes it orders for shows for their second and third seasons.”

There are many upcoming seasons of some hit series like Bridgeton Season 3, Squid Game Season 2, and more. So, will this sudden drop in shares affect the production of these anticipated shows? Or the success of Stranger Things has managed to fill up the gaps? You have to wait to know about the final outcome.

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