Tyler Sanders Died From Apparent Overdose

According to individuals familiar with the investigation into Tyler Sanders’ death, a suspected overdose is being considered the likely cause of death at this time.

It has been stated to us that Tyler, who had parts in major television series such as “9-1-1: Lone Star” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” had a history of drug usage, and the police recovered a plastic straw and a white powder in the room where he died.

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The news was first reported by TMZ: on June 16, 18-year-old Tyler was discovered dead at his home in Los Angeles. According to the information provided by our sources, Tyler’s friends contacted the authorities to request a welfare check since they had not heard from him after a night out, and it was this action that led to the discovery of his death.

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Tyler was put to rest in Houston, and according to a witness who was there at the service, Tyler’s father, David Sanders, gave the eulogy and explained to the congregation that his son had died from an apparent drug overdose.

We’ve been informed that Tyler’s battle with depression began when he started shooting ‘9-1-1,’ and at his burial, his father paraphrased some of Tyler’s own comments, saying that his son’s brain was wired in such a way that it prevented him from experiencing pleasure.

Once the toxicology findings get returned, which should take between four and six months, the coroner will make a determination as to the official cause of death for Tyler.

It Will Takes 4-6 Months For An Toxicology Report To Confirm Tyler Sanders’ Suspected Cause Of Death

According to sources close to the investigation into the death of the 18-year-old actor, who spoke with TMZ, his death is now being considered as a possible overdose at this point in time. According to the reports, the actor from “Fear the Walking Dead” had a history of using drugs, and they allege that the authorities discovered a plastic draw along with white powder in the room where he died.

However, it is important to note that the “white powder” in question has not yet been conclusively identified as a psychoactive substance. The actor who appeared in “Milk Teeth” was put to rest in Houston. According to sources who spoke to the media outlet, Tyler’s father, David Sanders, disclosed to people who attended his son’s funeral that he believed his son had died of an apparent drug overdose.

” His father allegedly remembered how his late son felt about his melancholy, noting things Tyler had apparently stated in the past, such as how his brain was “wired” such that he could not experience happiness. “ His father reportedly recalled how his late son felt about his depression.

It has been stated that the coroner would not be able to determine the official cause of death of the late actor until between four and six months have passed after the toxicology findings were submitted. This is despite the fact that many admirers of the actor desire answers.

Tyler Had A Bright Acting Career Ahead Of Him

A recent episode of AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead” featured Tyler Sanders as a young Jake Otto. The role of Leo in Amazon’s “Just Add Magic” in 2019 was subsequently cast for him as well.

To follow up on “Just Add Magic: Magic City,” which followed stepbrothers Leo (Sanders) and Zoe (Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) as well as their next-door neighbor Ish, he landed a leading role in a 2020 spin-off series (Jenna Qureshi). Sanders received a nomination for an Emmy for his work on the popular show.

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Many of his admirers paid tribute to him on social media, recalling some of his most memorable appearances in movies and television. “I’m missing Tyler Sanders, too,” one supporter said on Twitter. I just completed watching ‘Escaping My Stalker,’ as a tribute to his memory. I portray Ronny Dyson, who is a disturbed street boy who commits himself at the age of fourteen,” he stated. “What a terrific actor he was!”

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