We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Premiere Date, Cast, Plot and Everything Else You Need To Know

In May of 2021, We Are Lady Parts, a critically acclaimed film, was released to critical acclaim. the Muslim punk-rock band Lady Parts and the microbiology Ph.D. student hired as the main guitarist in the six-episode sitcom developed by Nida Manzoor.

Additionally, the program was nominated and won accolades for its success with the general population. Actress Anjana Vasan was nominated for Outstanding Performance in a New Series at the Gotham Awards and won Best Comedy Series at the Edinburgh International Television Festival for her role as the protagonist.

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If you haven’t had enough of the show’s enormous original music, tumultuous romantic relationships, and hilariously uncomfortable comic situations, you’re in luck: it’s been renewed for a second season.

As of November 2021, Peacock’s streaming service will be renewed for another two years. The second season of We Is Lady Parts excites Manzoor: “I feel so immensely blessed and happy.”

“We Are Lady Parts is the rallying cry from a fiercely hilarious, current and dial-shifting comedy that felt distinctly Channel 4 at its core,” said Channel 4 Head of Comedy Fiona McDermott. In a genuinely innovative and entertaining play, the act cleverly included a wide range of themes, including identity, representation, gender and innovation.

We Are Lady Parts Season 2

“We’re happy to be working with Nida, the fantastic cast and staff at Working Title Television, NBCUniversal International Studios and our wonderful partners at Peacock to bring this back again,” says Nida. “From one of the most imaginative and ambitious writer-directors around.”

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Release Date

This season of We Are Lady Parts’ second season has yet to be published. A year and a half after the first episode aired in 2018, the first season was released.

However, we’re certain that this time around, you won’t have to wait quite as long. Until the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, we expect to see it on our screens.

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Cast

In addition to Anjana Vasan (who plays Ayesha) and Juliette Motamed (who plays Saira), we can also count on Sarah Kameela Impey (who portrays Saira) and Faith Omole (who plays Bisma) to make a comeback. We mustn’t overlook Lucie Shorthouse’s portrayal as Momtaz, the band’s manager.

Amina’s closest friend Noor (Aiysha Hart), with whom she has a troubled connection, and Ahsan (Zaqi Ismail), Amina’s crush and Ayesha’s brother, are two additional cast members we may expect to see the return.

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no official trailer yet released for We Are Lady Parts Season 2, we can hopefully see it soon in the future.

Till then you can enjoy season 1 trailer

We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Plot

A high point of season one came at the conclusion of the season when Amina was able to proudly perform in front of her peers without becoming sick. A controversial piece had placed their reputation and unity in jeopardy, thus the band was forced to cancel their first large gig.

Despite the happy conclusion, the story has a lot of opportunities for experimentation. There might be more of a focus on the band’s rise to prominence (and its pitfalls), as well as on Amina’s family’s response to her guitar-playing lifestyle in season two.

According to Manzoor, “Excited to go back into the band’s environment and learn more about their personal life. Expect more high jinks, more music, and more flights of imagination in the near future. SPARTA!”

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Meanwhile, Fletcher-Jones jokingly said: “I think Nida has so lot to say about today’s world, and this program is the ideal platform for her to do it. With Nida’s vision in mind, I’m giddy with anticipation.”

There is little doubt that Manzoor and her siblings will continue to produce new and innovative music, as well as a more accurate picture of the Muslim community.

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