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Band of Brothers California Mourn The Death of Navy Veteran, Gerald Williams

Band of Brothers California Mourn The Death of Navy Veteran, Gerald Williams

Band of Brothers California Mourn The Death of Navy Veteran, Gerald Williams

Gerald Williams had a lot of friends who say he was a kind guy who always had a grin on his face, looked out for the people he loved, and knew how to get down on the dance floor.

The Band of Brothers California made the announcement that Williams had been killed in the incident that took place over the weekend in Santa Maria. The announcement was made on Tuesday morning.

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Ronald Bambrough, a roommate of Gerald Williams and a friend of his, said that “We are not trying to concentrate on what occurred, but rather, we are trying to focus on what he was.” The “brothers” of Williams have said that their family home does not have the same atmosphere now that Williams is not there.

“Things are not the way that they ought to be. But you never needed to be concerned about it when you were around Gerald. Luis Gomez, a fellow member of Band of Brothers and Gerald Williams’ closest friend, focused on the fact that Gerald was a wonderful guy.

Williams and his housemates all resided together in Camp Flores, which is a transitional shelter for veterans who are now without housing. Camp Flores is located in Santa Maria.

Steve Baird, who is also the president of Band of Brothers California and a co-founder of the organization, remembered the day when he and Williams first met. “I informed him that ‘We already have a sibling at home. Want to come to check it out?” he moved up here, and it became his home,” said Baird. “I’ll always remember it.”

Derrick Silvaon Wright Jr., who also resided at Camp Flores with Williams, confessed that “What the home meant to me, and quite sure to Gerald as well, it was essentially a safe haven for all veterans.” “Anyone who had been in the military and was a veteran and was in need of a place to stay, a place to rest their head, and somewhere to get back on their feet.” From that point on, Gerald Williams would be able to count on his very own brotherhood.

“Gerald, you improved the quality of life for each and every person. You showed us how to develop into more upstanding citizens,” Luis Gomez went on to say. “Because of you, we are compelled to acquire the virtue of patience as well.

He truly did have a lot of things to provide to the table. And I would want it to be known to Gerald that I love him and that I am missing him.

In the not too distant future, the group has also said that they are considering going on a “paddle out” into the water.

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One of their good friend’s favorite things to do was to do that. They believe that living together at Camp Flores offered them the opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level and that they were able to share comparable experiences and hardships from their time in the military.
According to his pals, Gerald’s last request was to be laid to rest in Texas with the rest of his family. They are presently looking into other funding options in order to transfer his remains so that it may be buried in the family grave.

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