Princess Diana Picture Resurfaces Before Death Anniversary

Princess Diana was photographed and painted several times during her life; however, a picture of her that was painted by Lord Snowdon that was seldom seen has just been unearthed just in time for the 25th anniversary of her passing.

The Princess of Wales was taken from us on August 31, 1997, when she was sadly killed in a vehicle accident in Paris at the age of 36. Lord Snowdon, a photographer and filmmaker, was the former husband of Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister.

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He was able to capture Diana’s personality in his photos of her thanks to his talent in both of these fields. Because of his ability as a photographer, his images were featured in publications like as Vogue and Vanity Fair, and many of his photos of the young Princess became fan favourites among royal admirers.

Diana was just 19 years old when this newly discovered photograph was taken of her in 1980. This was the year when her whirlwind affair with Prince Charles started in the summer of the same year.

Princess Diana Picture Resurfaces Before Death Anniversary
Princess Diana Picture Resurfaces Before Death Anniversary

Vogue requested the photograph to be shot around two months after Charles and Diana began dating in order to fulfil their assignment. The publication was looking for a photographer who could capture the beauty of the lady who was about to be Queen Consort before her unexpected demise. They needed someone who could capture both her beauty and her soul.

Diana is shown in the photograph as a young lady with her blonde hair cut short and her brilliant blue eyes staring intently into the lens of the photographer. The Princess is accessorising her look with a light blue ruffled blouse, tiny diamond stud earrings, and her distinctive blue eyeliner on the waterline of her eyelids.

Not only has it been five years since Snowdon’s passing, but it was also just reported that another rare image of the Princess would soon be put on exhibit for the very first time. The return of the Snowdon portrait coincides with this news.

The artist, Nelson Shanks, created this oil drawing of Diana in 1994. She is seen looking downward towards the floor while wearing an emerald green halter neck dress.

Shanks made the decision to go with the velvet dress, which was also worn by the Princess of Wales for a photo shoot that appeared in the June 1997 edition of Vanity Fair. The original photograph only shows the Princess’s head and shoulders; however, it was eventually expanded into a full-length picture for official use.

During the month of January, the drawing sold at Sotheby’s for a price that was more than ten times the initial estimate. It brought in $201,600 (£168,553).

According to a press release issued by Philip Mould & Company, the sketch was produced as part of a series with the goal of capturing and showcasing “genuine emotions.”

From the 30th of June through the 6th of July, the portrait will be on display at the Masterpiece London Art Fair in London, which is hosted by the gallery. At a time when she was secretly battling with her marriage to Charles, Diana remarked on the over 30 sittings it took for the image to be finished. This took place at a time when Diana was speaking.

After developing friendships with both Shanks and his wife, Leona, she said in a letter that “going to the studio was a safe haven, so full of love and support.” Shanks was the friend that introduced them to one another.

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The following is the conclusion of the press statement that was sent about the piece: “As far as royal painted portraits go, it is quite uncommon for an artist to portray both the public and private character simultaneously.

“Shank’s cartoon masterfully combines the glitz and glitter of Diana with the heartbreaking melancholy of her latter years,”

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