Bihar Professor’s ₹ 24 Lakh Protest: “No Students To Teach, So Here’s The Salary Back”

“There’s no one to teach, so what’s the wage for?” a college lecturer in Bihar presented this simple logic as he lost heart over students never turning up for classes. He has paid his income of two years and nine months – Rs 23.8 lakh — however, the authorities have not yet acknowledged the protest payment, nor do they buy his argument upfront.

Lallan Kumar, assistant professor of Hindi at Nitishwar Institution in Muzaffarpur, says he fears “academic death” until relocated to a new college by the affiliating university.

He also shared a long-standing complaint: “When I joined, I was not posted to a college where I could teach postgraduate classes. Those with lesser ranks (in the selection procedure) got those postings. Here, the kids never show up.” He said that his name was “cut” from the transfer list many times.  “I will initiate a sit-in protest if my demand isn’t met,” he told.

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The college principal, Manoj Kumar, maintained the assertion of zero attendance has no substance. “For two years, lessons were disrupted owing to the coronavirus pandemic,” he stated, alleging that Lallan Kumar “should’ve contacted me directly if he wanted a transfer”.

The university says it has taken note of the accusation that the college sees no classes. “We will inquire into that,” stated RK Thakur, Vice-Chancellor of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University. “Professor Lallan Kumar is furious with his transfer requests. He has given us a cheque but we have not taken it.”

Lallan Kumar, who holds a Ph.D., studied at Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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