Boris Johnson Agrees To Resign, Will Stay UK PM Until New Leader Elected

According to BBC Political Editor Chris Mason, Boris Johnson will step down as Conservative Party leader today. After a slew of resignations from his cabinet, Boris Johnson is expected to step down as leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday, opening the way for a new leader to take his place.

Chris Mason, the political editor of the BBC, said Boris Johnson will step down as Conservative leader “today — he will stay as prime minister until the fall,” adding that a contest for the party’s leadership would be held this summer, with the winner set to enter the office by the end of October.

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A spokeswoman for Downing Street said the prime minister “would address the nation today.” Keir Starmer, the head of the opposition Labour Party, hailed Johnson’s resignation as “wonderful news,” but also called for “a true change of administration.” Despite a tsunami of more than 50 cabinet resignations, Johnson managed to hold on to power.

However, the resignations of Education Minister Michelle Donelan and Finance Minister Nadhim Zahawi on Thursday, both of whom had been in their positions for less than a week, looked to tilt the scales.

First, Northern Ireland minister Brandon Lewis resigned as the fourth cabinet member, saying that Johnson was “beyond the point of no return,” setting the tone for Thursday’s events. Conservative leader David Cameron fired Michael Gove, a minister and former close friend, late on Wednesday night in defiance of requests from supporters and cabinet colleagues to stand down.

It was Gove, a source close to Johnson told the BBC, who initially told Johnson that he ought to leave for the welfare of the Conservative party and the nation. Colleagues had to “dip their hands in blood” to get rid of Johnson, according to the Sun tabloid.

Boris Johnson Agrees To Resign, Will Stay UK PM Until New Leader Elected
Boris Johnson Agrees To Resign, Will Stay UK PM Until New Leader Elected

The prime minister “does not do change, nor will he,” Will Walden, Johnson’s communications director while he was mayor of London, said.

“He’s not sorry, and he doesn’t care. And it won’t happen again. And he refuses to accept defeat. At least if he can avoid it, that is “He published an article in The Times on this.

His decision may have been pushed by Thursday’s events. When Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid abruptly announced their resignations at the end of Tuesday, it set off a domino effect.

Chris Pincher was forced to resign as deputy chief whip after being accused of drunkenly groping two men; Johnson apologized for choosing him as deputy chief whip. In the days that followed Pincher’s departure, he kept changing his story.

Up until a former senior civil servant testified that Johnson was informed in 2019 about another event, Downing Street denied Johnson was aware of the past charges. However, the government’s denials crumbled.

It was the Pincher scandal that pushed many Tories over the brink, according to opponents of the Conservative Party. When Johnson returned to Downing Street on Wednesday after a day of questioning by a parliamentary committee, he was met by members of his own cabinet.

Interior Minister Priti Patel was said to be part of the trip. As the night wore on, demands for Boris Johnson to resign continued to get louder and louder, according to former Downing Street Policy Unit director Camilla Cavendish.

“The balance has swung now in favor of declaring… it’s time to leave,” Attorney General Suella Braverman told ITV. She also indicated she’d run for office if given the chance.
Scams and lockdown-breaking parties at Number 10 have hounded Johnson for months.

Parliament is investigating if the prime minister, who was fined by police for violating the Covid lockdown in the “Partygate” scandal, misled MPs about the discoveries. Normally, Johnson could not be challenged for another year after barely surviving a vote of no confidence by Conservative MPs one month ago.

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Unminstery Tories in Parliament dubbed the “1922 Committee,” have announced that their executive committee will pick a new slate of members next week, in an apparent attempt to overturn the rules.

Johnson promised to go on in parliament on Wednesday, saying that the nation needs a “steady government.” Javid, on the other hand, asked other ministers to quit in front of Parliament.

He addressed a silent House of Commons, “The issue originates at the top, and I feel that is not going to change.” Crowds yelled “Boris, Boris” as he finished his address.

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